Special Update: Hurricane Michael!

As some of you may know, I live in the capitol of Florida, in the United States. This means that this week something big blew our way, Hurricane Michael!

Yes, I was one of the many of people who live in Forida, Georgia and South Carolina when Michael, the Category 4 Hurricane, decided to vacation in our neck of the woods. Micheal is the largest hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle in over 80 years! I have to say, it was truly terrifying.

We were some of the lucky ones, and still are. While our area got hit HARD, with thousands of trees down in our town alone, the coast was hurt more than most (look up some of the YouTube videos of the destruction, it looks like Fallout came to Florida).

I just wanted to pop up and update telling everyone that my family and I made it out of the hurricane okay (I sadly don’t have any pictures, having to have conserved my phone power as much as possible in case of an emergency), and we finally have power restored to my house. This means that I was really unable to work on any new pages of Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 4 during the hurricane (seriously, have you ever tried drawing by candlelight?), and it messed up my whole Inktober submissions, but I should have another page up sometime next week, if not sooner. I have a lot of clean up to do around the house (as well as grocery shopping, since we had to clean out the refrigerator) but I’ll try to work hard to get that done as well.

If you can, please consider donating something or your time to help others effected by Hurricane Michael, it was a terrible storm, and the people on coast really need help right now, many are still without power and homes, and as of right now, 13 people have died from the storm, so anything could help. I’m not sure about donations or anything, you’ll have to look that up.

Still, this was just an update telling you all that I was in Hurricane Michael’s path, I made it out okay, we now have power, and please help those in need if you can.



Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 4 Page 2 – Title

As you can see, page two is up! This was only possible because I was working on page 1 and two at the same time. As you can read, page two, like all of Kokoro No Kinu’s chapters, is the title page, where I try to do a little better art, and color it.

For those of you that do not know, I am bad at digital coloring… at least in my own opinion. I just cannot seem to get the hang of it for whatever reason. It’s weird because I am able to color by hand, using pencils, pens etc much better than I can with digital, and I’m not sure why. I was hoping when I got my graphics tablet that would change, but so far… not really.

Still, I’m relatively proud of this page. Of course if you haven’t guessed, because I know the page is the first thing you saw no matter what, This is an homage to an old childhood movie I used to watch, Cats Don’t Dance. This page is an homage to the villain’s song in it, go watch it if you haven’t. It’s fun, and is a  pretty great analogy for the prejudice of minorities during the “golden age” of cinema, and it’s for kids, so bring them too!

I’m trying to do Inktober this year, and my pages are going to be included in my “submissions” for Inktober. Of course not every submission is going to be a page, so hopefully I’m going to try and do some different sketches in my downtime to keep up. I think I’m also going to create a separate Inktober page to show off the sketches and doodles I do for the month, hopefully I won’t have many because of all the pages I’m going to do… anyone believe that? No? Neither did I… So hopefully there will be enough to warrent a special little page for them.

Anyway, on to the page. I usually have two versions, a colored and grey-scaled one, and today is no exception!

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September / October Update #6 – Back in Business! / Inktober

Yes, if you are reading this, then you know Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 4 is starting to roll out! This makes me unequivocally happy, because preparing for it has taken a while. I am currently working on the title page, which will be out later this week… maybe even tomorrow, depending on how much time I have to work on it. The page is colored and intricate and a nice homage to an old childhood movie.

It’s also Inktober! That month where artists try to wear themselves out by drawing something every day, and I’m going to attempt to do that too! I’ll be using Twitter to upload them, so you can find them on my Twitter page (https://twitter.com/umedyn), My comic pages of course will be apart of my Inktober offerings, but I’ll also be doing doodles, sketching and other fun stuff, speaking of, I have one ready today! Since I have been binge watching Hilda, a great new cartoon show on netflix, I REALLY suggest watching it, I decided to do a little drawing in that style, so here it is!


I have also update the Kokoro No Kinu Chapters Page! Now each chapter has its own page in the site, so no more scrolling down the page for the chapter, just click on the chapter’s title page image and BOOM! to the page!

So now onto Chapter 4… This is going to be a hard chapter… I’ll be blunt, it deals with something that has been in the news a lot lately. This chapter will be dealing with sexual assault… (Spoilers… AmIRight?)

Now I designed this chapter before the global attention to sexual assault, before the #MeToo movement (which I fully support, of course, I’m not a monster), before the American Supreme Court hearings, before all of this, years go. This is weird to me because when I designed this chapter, I never imagined this would coincide with such a global movement going on.

I didn’t create this chapter because of the #MeToo movement, and while working on the details, I had thought about changing it in some way, but now that this movement is happening, I hope this chapter might contribute.

I’m not going to be calling it as such, of course, but maybe someone will read it and it will help them go through the troubles they are having, or maybe even give them that extra push to come forward and report whatever monster hurt them, so they might never do it again…

Anyway, for this reason is why I’m adding the “Chapter Update” card to each chapter page post, so that the chapter page is not the first thing that pops up. This is because I know such images may be harmful to those dealing with sexual PTSD, and this way you know what post is a chapter update, without the page being the first thing seen.

Anyway, that is what is going on, I’m working on drawing and creating the pages now, so I’ll get back to it! I hope you enjoy Chapter 4, and If anyone ever needs help, or just an ear to listen to any pain they are going through, I am always willing to listen if it may help you.

You can find me by going to any of these links, I’m on a lot of platforms.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Umedyn/
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If you are hurting, please find someone you trust to confide in, don’t suffer alone.


August Update #5 – Setbacks

Sooo… I put myself in a bind. Long story short I reset my computer, trying to fix errors and speed it up, using shitty software to try and back-up all my files so I wouldn’t have to reinstall everything… You can see where this is going…

Luckily I was smart enough to do an alternate backup of my most important files (The chapter stuff and others) so my pages are not lost (which would have devastated me, losing all my pages of my manga, besides the ones I’ve saved on this site.)

Because of this, starting Chapter 4 is going to have to be delayed by about a week while I recover, re-download and re-install all the programs, games, and utilities I lost. Thank you all (if anyone is there!) for being so patient with me while I get this fixed.

July Update #4 – Chapter 4 Soon!

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great pride month, and I hope you liked the separate works I did for it! Things are about to get back into full swing for me! I have everything I need to start drawing the pages for Chapter 4 of Kokoro No Kinu!

So what took so long? Well logistics. I write every chapter when I make them, meaning that I don’t start working on the page layout for the chapter until I am working on that chapter. This makes it so the images I envisioned stay fresh in my mind while drawing the pages.

The other reason is a bit obvious to those who know Japanese (or those who follow my Twitter, @Umedyn… enough of the selfish plug) If you haven’t noticed, all of my sound effects  (sfx) are written in Hiragana. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but sfx in Japanese (along with a few other things like foreign words, Onomatopoeia, etc) are written in Katakana.

I want to make my manga as authentic as I possibly can (without actually translating everything) to Japanese made manga, so I had to convert my SFX list from Hiragana to Katakana. I have a huge SFX list, so this was a long process. At some point I am going to go back and fix the previous chapters to have Katakana as well.

So with this done, and the page layout/script finished, I have every I need to start working on Chapter 4! So look forward to those starting next week! A bit about this chapter though.

This chapter may get into “trigger” territory… and not just words, but actual PTSD related trigger territory. This next chapter is going to go down a dark path (if you have been following the last chapter, you may guess what is about to happen…) For this I’m going to have to change somethings about how I post (since everything is automatically tweeted out) so I’m going to have a title pic so the page isn’t shown on the home page or on twitter, since the first image is always shown when posts happen.

Anyway, I’m off to start drawing Chapter 4! Hope you all are looking forward to it!


Kokoro No Kinu Character Cosplay – Pricefield

It’s that time again. Before getting started on the next Chapter of Kokoro No Kinu, and because it is Pride month, I created another Character Cosplay, this time of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price from the game Life is Strange!

I love Life is Strange, it is one of those games that has an emotionally gripping story that really throws people for a loop, After witnessing her old distant friend Chloe die from a gun wound, Max Caulfield finds out she has the ability to rewind time. This is a great core mechanic that has many functions in the narrative driven story. Your choice matter, and it is one game I whole-heartedly recommend playing, along with it’s prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

But that’s not what you came to see, you came to see art! So here is the piece!


And as before, I created a time lapse video to go along with it! You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/spqwpi3JTAc

You can also see the other time lapse character cosplay I created of Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe here: https://youtu.be/Ge4fk8Hm7-g

As always, you can find me on these other platforms as well
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Happy Pride Month!