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Kokoro No Kinu Character Cosplay – Pricefield

It’s that time again. Before getting started on the next Chapter of Kokoro No Kinu, and because it is Pride month, I created another Character Cosplay, this time of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price from the game Life is Strange!

I love Life is Strange, it is one of those games that has an emotionally gripping story that really throws people for a loop, After witnessing her old distant friend Chloe die from a gun wound, Max Caulfield finds out she has the ability to rewind time. This is a great core mechanic that has many functions in the narrative driven story. Your choice matter, and it is one game I whole-heartedly recommend playing, along with it’s prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

But that’s not what you came to see, you came to see art! So here is the piece!


And as before, I created a time lapse video to go along with it! You can watch it here:

You can also see the other time lapse character cosplay I created of Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe here:

As always, you can find me on these other platforms as well

Happy Pride Month!



Kokoro No Kinu Character Cosplay – Ruby and Sapphire

As stated, I am going to be working on some pieces of art for Pride Month. If you can read between the lines, you can guess where this is going!

The first couple I’ve decided to do for Pride Month is Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe! With humility, I must say I think this is the best digitally colored art I’ve ever done. I did two different ones, with minor changes, one is specifically for Pride, with the rainbow behind them, the other is with a black background to better focus on the characters.

Here is the Pride Picture

TomokoHitomiRubySapphire Pride.png

The other piece is the black background, and will be placed in my gallery


I have at least two more Character Cosplays I’ve already decided to do for Pride Month, I won’t tell you, but I’ll give some hints. One couple is from a video game where time travel is important. The other couple can control the elements. Those should be pretty simple to tell who Tomoko and Hitomi will be cosplaying as.

I have another treat for you all. I didn’t just draw these two, I made sure to record the process as well. I condensed the hours long process into just 13 minutes, with music too! I will be doing this for every one of the Pride Month couples I decide to do, so look forward to those as well!

So you can view the video on youtube here:

You can also follow me in other ways as well!


Onto the next piece, and work towards Chapter 4!


Quick Draw: Happy Birthday Umedyn!

As you can read, Today is my birthday! I know I said the post and video were going to be uploaded at 8 A.M., and the video was because I scheduled it like 2 days ago, but I like to make these posts at the time I make them, so I can interject my thoughts at the time. Well, I know you all are coming here to see the picture, and guess what? There is a video to go along with that, now on my Youtube channel! So look at the picture, and enjoy the video!

Quick Draw: Happy Birthday Umedyn


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Quick Draw: In Your Grasp

I said it may take me a while to get these enhanced versions of my art done, but I got one created this morning, and decided to post it up today! The reason that the Quick Draw is in the title is because I recorded the whole process, the transition from screenshot  to the fully colored art you see below, which you can find here: Quick Draw: In Your Grasp, speaking of which, lets bring that up now!


This is one of my favorite pieces of my iconic couple, Tomoko, with her slightly protective nature, watching over Hitomi. It’s a sweet piece, even before the full color upgrade. I like the black and white, but as I’ve explained, I’m using a screenshot for the picture, and I’m not completely liking the way it turned out, there are too many shadows to get perfect, so I decided to color them in, and if I can promote my Youtube channel at the same time, even better! I know, I know, still shameless plugging of my other, less popular venue, but I do have three videos up now, with a fourth so very close. So please, if you like my art, watch, and if you like the videos, subscribe. If you like this piece, then watch the time lapse video on how I made it, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Until the next one!


Quick Draw: Clockwork Rabbit

I have just uploaded the video Quick Draw: Clockwork Rabbit, There you can see the whole process of drawing the clockwork rabbit in a little over 12 minutes, with some great fast paced music that fits the time lapse perfectly.

I’m sorry if this isn’t my normal method of doing this, usually I give some backstory and comments before I shamelessly plug whatever the post is about, but it’s like two in the morning, I have a class tomorrow, and I have been up since Tuesday… anything I could say was already said in the Let’s Draw: Clockwork Rabbit post, I created this time lapse because it was a cool idea, and I think it turned out pretty cool, if my hubris will allow me to say that. Still, I had fun making this as well, the music was copyright free, so that was nice, and I thought they fit the flow of the art being made quite well. You can find the links to the musician’s youtube pages in the description of the Quick Draw video (More shameless plugging).

Okay, I’m going off to sleep, but before I do, if you liked my videos, or even my art, please subscribe to my youtube channel, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, and if you really want to support me, you could always become a patron of mine on Patreon, where you might get a chance at getting your own personal artwork created, and even some videos like the ones I’ve created so far!

So, until next time, shamelessly plugging away,


Let’s Draw: Clockwork Rabbit: Part 1

I just uploaded the first of three videos of my process of drawing the Clockwork Rabbit piece showcased here. This video centers around me drawing Nuk, the next will be about drawing the orphan girl, and the third will show the inking and finalizing process of the piece. I will be releasing the time lapse of the whole thing before I finish the second video, that way you guys get to see the whole process without having to hear my ramblings and strange comments while I blunder through drawing this. Anyway, Here is the first of my three part of “Let’s Draw: Clockwork Rabbit“.

Since I cannot show the video on here, the link above will take you to the Youtube site. And now some background behind the process, the info about the art can be found in Clockwork Rabbit.

First, I shot all three parts together, so I made the decision to make it into three parts for a few reasons. First is that the whole video is an hour and 44 minutes long. I could have uploaded the whole thing, but even I don’t listen to myself for over an hour at a time without making a sanity check. Second, I wanted the videos to focus on the parts of the process, and made it into somewhat easily choke-able sized chunks. Plus, this makes it so I can plan out the pieces carefully, making sure I didn’t miss any part I wanted to cut out, places where I just stop talking and think for like a minute or so, and places where I flub up talking.

Either way, the process, while unorthodox and a bit awkward, was fun, and after I finish editing this first series, I’m going to start recording the last piece in this process, digitally editing the picture in GIMP, with another quick draw for that, and more crazy, insane commentary.

Either way, I hope you all liked my video, assuming you watched it, if you  did like it, please like and subscribe to my budding channel, I know every youtuber says that, but I could use all the support I can get, and I really would like to continue to make these art videos for you all, it was so much fun, even if it was just rambling to myself!

Until I make the next video,