Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 19

It is here! The final page of Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3! It has literally taken over a year to get this done, part because of my own procrastination , and partly because of life. As much as I would love to be working on this full time, life and being able to eat and pay bills comes first.

Working on this chapter has been an amazing journey! I want to give a special shout out to everyone who follows my efforts, and those who encouraged me along the way.

No more sappy shit, lets get to the last page of Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3!

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 18

This took longer than anticipated… This is because my mood took a nosedive during the weekend, sleeping for nearly all day, schoolwork and other life stuff getting in the way. Despite all that, I still got the page finished, just one more page to go before the chapter is finished!

This chapter has taken WAY too much time to finish, and that is because I am a lazy asshole who keeps hitting slumps in my mood, creative blocks and horrible bouts of procrastination. This chapter should have been finished sometime last year. Still, it is almost over, then I have some remodeling to do with the site, some restructure of the story, and Chapter 4 is going to be a really heavy chapter that is going to push some people’s buttons, and go into some dark territory.

Anyway, enough of the ramblings, onto the page!

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 17

If you are looking at this, then you know the next page is here! I’ve been keeping to my schedule of working on Kokoro No Kinu between my Tuesday and Thursday classes, but that feels really slow for me, at this point I’m only releasing a page a week, which is fine, I guess, but I really wish I could be doing more on this end.

The problem is that between this and classes, I really don’t have much else that fits the theme of this “blog” (shudders, I hate that word). I watch a lot of good anime that is out this season (Like Yuri Camp, Marchen Madchen, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, Takunomi, Slow Start, and of course Citrus) and I’m engrossed in some really good shows (Star Trek Discovery, The Orville (Which just ended it’s first season in December), and Marvel’s Runaways (LOVED the comic, even more enthusiastic with the show, especially what they did with Nico and Karolina!) As well as way too many comics and books to name. There are already a lot of great reviewers who would do, and are doing, a better job then me, so I feel that area isn’t really right for me. Either way, I’ve complained long enough, let’s get onto the main event!

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 16

Another page down! Only three more pages left in Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3!

The reason this page took slightly longer than my normal winter pace was that my classes for the semester finally started! I have a schedule for this semester so I don’t fall behind on work for Kokoro No Kinu.

I have a three hour gap between my two classes Tuesday and Thursday. I am going to dedicate this time exclusively to work centering around Kokoro No Kinu, as well as what ever free time I get the mood to do the work when I’m not at school, mainly the weekends.

Let’s not bore you with any more rambling, time for the page!

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 15

Hope Everyone had a Happy New Year!

After a week of Muse (What I call artistic drive) Burnout, I hunkered down last night and worked until 4 A.M. to make this next page, then slept for about half a day. I took a break over the holiday season, and couldn’t work back up the motivation or vision to start on this page. It was pretty frustrating.

I tried to start a few times, but as soon as I picked up  my pencil and made a few lines, the drive to do anything just went out on me. It’s a very disheartening feeling, wanting to do something, but your mind just shuts down as soon as you try to start. The creative wall is a hard thing to overcome, even if you want to do it.

No one really wants to hear about my complaining, so let’s get to the page! Also, check under the page for a little trivia quiz… and a (very) small prize for the person who gets it right!

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 14

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays, what ever you celebrate!

The next page, as you can read, is finished! I’ve been on a roll lately, making a page every 3 days or so. I know this pace can’t last, so I’m making the most of it while I can. It’s been a bit of a tax on my system, but I’m working hard.

For all of you that have never asked “Hey, what music have you been listening to while working on these pages?” I’ve been listening to “A Very Scary Solstice” and “An Even Scarier Solstice” By the H.P.L. Historical Society. The albums are a collection of parody holiday carols and music that are all in the themes from the Lovecraft mythos. If you’re a fan of HP Lovecraft, or just a fan of parody music, these are perfect for the season.

Please note: This is not a promotion of any kind, I didn’t get paid to say this (I wish I was) I just love the music.

Before I get into anything else, let’s give you what you came here for: The next page!

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 13

If you can read titles, then you can obviously tell that the next page of Kokoro No Kinu is up! I’m doing great on my schedule (at least after that first week of announcing it, but let’s not dwell in the past) and I’m showing no signs of stopping!

I really don’t know what else to add, so let’s just get to the page!

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 12

I have completed the next Kokoro No Kinu page, as you should know, since you already read the title. If all goes according to plan, I should have the next one up before, but if not, I wish everyone reading a happy holidays (which ever one you choose to celebrate) and I’ll definitely have another page (hopefully two) before the new years, so I’ll make that well wishes then.

I’m kinda short on ideas of what exactly to talk about, so let’s just get to the page, shall we?

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 11

If you’re reading this, then you know the next page of Kokoro No Kinu is up! It took a while (I made a joking tweet about hopefully not taking three weeks this time to make it… self-fulfilling prophesy)

I’m not sure it took three weeks, and I’m scared to look, but it doesn’t matter, the page is here now, which is the important part, so here it is!
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CG Character Production Project – The Process

So as some of you know,  I just finished my fall semester, and one of the classes I took was a CG Character Production class, where we had to create a humaniod creature from scratch. I decided to show the process of how I went about creating mine!

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