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July Update #4 – Chapter 4 Soon!

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great pride month, and I hope you liked the separate works I did for it! Things are about to get back into full swing for me! I have everything I need to start drawing the pages for Chapter 4 of Kokoro No Kinu!

So what took so long? Well logistics. I write every chapter when I make them, meaning that I don’t start working on the page layout for the chapter until I am working on that chapter. This makes it so the images I envisioned stay fresh in my mind while drawing the pages.

The other reason is a bit obvious to those who know Japanese (or those who follow my Twitter, @Umedyn… enough of the selfish plug) If you haven’t noticed, all of my sound effects  (sfx) are written in Hiragana. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but sfx in Japanese (along with a few other things like foreign words, Onomatopoeia, etc) are written in Katakana.

I want to make my manga as authentic as I possibly can (without actually translating everything) to Japanese made manga, so I had to convert my SFX list from Hiragana to Katakana. I have a huge SFX list, so this was a long process. At some point I am going to go back and fix the previous chapters to have Katakana as well.

So with this done, and the page layout/script finished, I have every I need to start working on Chapter 4! So look forward to those starting next week! A bit about this chapter though.

This chapter may get into “trigger” territory… and not just words, but actual PTSD related trigger territory. This next chapter is going to go down a dark path (if you have been following the last chapter, you may guess what is about to happen…) For this I’m going to have to change somethings about how I post (since everything is automatically tweeted out) so I’m going to have a title pic so the page isn’t shown on the home page or on twitter, since the first image is always shown when posts happen.

Anyway, I’m off to start drawing Chapter 4! Hope you all are looking forward to it!



May / June 2018 Update #3 – The Ball Gets Rolling, Happy Pride Month!

Hello all!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to put out an update for May. Between finals, of which you’ve seen some of the projects, starving and getting ready for the summer semester, I was surprisingly busy. Still have been.

First and foremost


Of course I would celebrate this, as if my main Yuri comic didn’t tell you. As such, I will be doing some pieces specifically for Pride Month. Many of you know I don’t create fan-art, at least on this site. I want my work to stand on it’s own. I am happy, however, to do some Character Cosplay! That is where I dress up my characters (mainly Tomoko and Hitomi) in character outfits from shows, comics/manga and other sources.

So I decided to do that for Pride, featuring some of my favorite yuri and lesbian characters. I already have one lined up, and about to start the digital working process. Each of these character cosplays will be time-lapsed and uploaded to my Youtube channel (Time to dust that relic off). The first couple I have decided to character cosplay is Ruby and Sapphire! I love the show, and these two are adorable! There is another reason I am doing these.

This is to help bring back my skills because I have finally, finally FINALLY finished the chapter 4 script and page layout for Kokoro No Kinu! So look forward to those pages getting done starting this month, in between my “character cosplays”. This summer is going to be a busy one for me!

As always, you can find me at these locations at an internet near you:


Now onto working on my first Character Cosplay for Pride Month!


Multimedia Class Final Project – Flash Game

As I promised some time ago, I said  I was going to upload my Multimedia class project when it was finished. That day is today!

The game is a VERY simple platformer, kind of like Mario. The premise is this: Find your lost cat.

This is a simple flash game made for my Multimedia class project, none of the assets are mine, and credit is given when due. It is VERY rough, and I didn’t work long on it, I just made it for my final class project. The visuals were taken from Maple Story, the music and sounds were from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and RPG Maker.

Because I have a free package of WordPress, I cannot upload flash files on this, I had to use a small hosting site, because I didn’t use any of my personal assets (besides the coding, etc) I couldn’t put it on Newgrounds like I originally wanted. So if you want to play my project, please visit this link:


Until next time, I hope you enjoy!


Photoshop Class: Final Project

My final project for my Photoshop class is a nice and creepy atmospheric piece, It reminds me of those “haunted”, or “ghost” videos you usually see, with floating orbs, and almost looks like a screenshot taken from a VHS tape.

Spaces 1.jpg

If you look, you can see a familiar face in the background (hint, big floppy ears), That is, if you’ve seen any other of my artwork, or the back to my twitter.
I really don’t have too much else to add, I’m working on finding a hosting site to so I can show my multimedia project, a very basic flash game with “borrowed” assets. So I’m going to give the usual contact info, and leave it at that!


My semester is almost done, and this class was pretty fun,


April 2018 Update #2 – I Am A Lazy Procrastinator / Second Year Anniversary of My Site

So continuing my new tradition of a monthly update, especially because I have so much stuff going on that really has no showing power, meaning that most of what I am doing does not really warrant a post. Technically I have not been lazy, but to the few of you who actually follow me, it seems that way.

First, on the state of Kokoro No Kinu, I am still working on the script and layouts for Chapter 4, so hopefully I’ll get the actual drawing phase started soon. This chapter is particularly hard to do right, because of the subject material the chapter will be covering, so I have to portray and get this right, taking up more time than the usual “drama” fluff.

Second, schoolwork has kept me very busy, taking up the majority of my time. Though you all will get a treat out of that. As I have previously stated, I am working on a VERY small platform game for my Multimedia class project, when the final version is finished, after the 24th (when the project is due) I will upload it somewhere and give a link for all to play. I am using all borrowed assets (because creating my own JUST for this one class would be WAY too much work) Mainly from Maple Story (sprite sheets) and RPG Maker (sounds, mainly), so look forward to that! It’s not the best, and won’t be the best by then, but It was more to show off what Adobe Animate (the program we are using) can do.

Lastly, if you have noticed in the title, today marks my Second Year Anniversary on WordPress! Like the first year, the people I have met and talked to because of this has amazed me. There are so many great people in the… I guess indie Yuri comics(?) area, including all the amazing reviewers, artist and creators that I have had the great fortune to meet even in my very limited circle, so thank you to everyone who I have met over the past two years.

And now for the stats of my two years on WordPress!


As you can see, I’ve created 124 posts, and have had 4,202 views from 1,262 visitors, so than you for those that have seen what I do and came back for more! This, of course only covers my WordPress site, and not my comic views on Tapastic, Batoto, Becomics, or my Tumblr (all shameless plugs to read my stuff BTW!)

Thank you everyone for making these past two years a truly great experience, and hopefully there will be many more years to come!

Now back to what I have really been doing, playing Ark, modded so instead of dinosaurs, it has Pokemon (so much fun!)


March 2018 Update #1

I thought it would be good to start doing monthly updates, I’ll see how it goes and maybe upgrade them to weekly updates if I feel like I have enough information to give.

Right now this update will mainly be about what I’m doing in between Chapters 3 and 4, and some other update stuff.

First off, on the status of Chapter 4, there are a few things with what I’m doing to the comic that I have to do before I start making pages. I have to finish writing out the script and page layout, which does take up a lot of time and brain power. I also have to switch my sound effects for Kokoro No Kinu.

As a few people probably noticed, all my sound effects are in Hiragana, which is incorrect for Japanese style sound effects, they should be in Katakana, so I have to go through my SFX list, and change the characters. If this ever actually gets some attention, then I’ll probably go back and fix my past mistakes aka completely fixing chapter 1, and changing the sfx on the three chapters before this one.

Edit: Chapter 4 is going to get a bit.., uncomfortable for some people, so and actual trigger warning (a real one for those suffering from PTSD about the subject matter) is going to be needed… I think I’m just going to put an image before the page, so that that picture will show up on places like twitter and the reader before someone reads the page… It’s about to get into some dark territory here, so be prepared…

Second thing I want to do is change up how the Chapters on the Kokoro No Kinu page are handled, mainly I’m going to separate the chapters into their own pages, so you don’t have to scroll down all that way to get to the latest chapter. I might edit the page layout colors a bit, but I kinda like how it looks. Probably going to update my character symbol though, something a bit more catchy.

Third, and most important is that I have schoolwork that takes up a huge portion of my time. Since College is what keeps my bills payed, I have to focus the most on that. I’m not slacking in that department either, my total GPA is at 3.50, so I’m keeping up my academic standard pretty well. Even made the Dean’s list, which I’m quite proud of.


Okay, enough self-back-patting. I will be showing my class projects (I have two of them, that are worthy of showing) when I make them. One is for my Photoshop class, which will be pictures, and the other is for my Multimedia class. The Photoshop class projects are pretty self-explanatory, just some photoshopped, usually in an artistic style, which will be available in the Gallery. In fact, I have one for you all now! It is an adaptation of an older work from my digital photography class, updated and shiny.

Abstract Project.png

The Multimedia project is going to be a VERY VERY VERY basic sprite-based flash platform game, (Made in Adobe Animate). The class is actually “Intro into Multimedia” so the teacher doesn’t want too much to show, so it’ll just be a simple platform level with three parts. The sprites I’m taking from Maple Story (I love the chibi and bouncy artwork, I want to play that again,) and some other “borrowed” items from other places. This will be uploaded around the end of April, around the 25th.

I’m also thinking of opening a Ko-fi account, for the shameless jangling of the coffee can you all know me for. Can I get some change? … I just need some … Change… Change…


(South Park Reference)

That is basically it, If you have any suggestions, if there anything I can do better, be it site-wise, jangly coffee can wise or even in my art, please please please! Let me know, I hate working in a vacuum (even though I am way too use to it) and feedback helps me get better in everything!

And as always, the contact information!


Working more and more for you all!


CG Character Production Project – The Process

So as some of you know,  I just finished my fall semester, and one of the classes I took was a CG Character Production class, where we had to create a humaniod creature from scratch. I decided to show the process of how I went about creating mine!

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