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Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Elcarikyn

The Elcarikyn


The reptilian-like Elcarikyn, or the Byreshik as they call themselves, meaning “Scale-kin”, are the most feared and, in most cases, misunderstood of all the Bystalkyn, and if it were not for the Duskorylun, or dark elves, they would be the most feared of all the races. Most of this fear is attributed to their resemblance to snakes and reptiles. The Elcarikyn actually more resemble alligators and humanoid dinosaurs, but this really does not help their situation any, and the Elcarikyn are even banned from the most xenophobic settlements, and some are actually actively hunted by men for sport. This is highly illegal in most countries.
The Elcarikyn are the second-most autonomous, and second least nomadic of the Bystalkyn, being only out settled and stationary by the largely xenophobic bird-like Lytherkyn societies. Most of the Elcarikyn settlements and cities are located in the western-most swamp and marshlands of the Byre along the westernmost coast of the continent, although small communities of the Elcarikyn can be found in the southwest archipelago and central forests. Their nearly amphibious nature makes them great fishermen and sailors, where most of the Elcarikyn outside of their homelands can be found.
Elcarikyn soceity is probably the most purely democratic of the Bystalkyn societies, making rise to power in their settlements less bloody, but more subtle than the other beast races. Despite the distrust the Elcarikyn are given, most of them are taught not to give in to racial stereotypes and bias. Because of their mainly unbiased nature, all races are welcome in any of the Elcarikyn settlements. This tolerance has endeared them with the Duskorylun, or “drow” elves, and the most concentration of Duskorylun can be found in Elcarikyn settlements and neighborhoods of larger cities. The most common towns are found along the coastal areas and marshlands, and most Elcarikyn buildings are placed on stilts in the swampy waters, and long dock-like pathways along the coasts. The swamp-land towns usually have their buildings surrounding large treetrunks, with platforms and walkways in between each neighborhood.
Elcarikyn society is run by elected councilmen and women, who decide the goings on in their respective towns. As such, most of the Elcarikyn’s largest settlements are run like city-states, and a large conference of the council elect representatives will meet if there is an issue concerning a large portion of the Elcarikyn settlements and city-states, but most are autonomous in how they run and operate. Any member of the settlement can run for an office or council seat, which term lasts about three years. It is not uncommon to see Dyskim, or the “warm-bloods” on an Elcarikyn council, and it is even more common to see Duskorylun in the councils as well. A council seat opens up when a council member dies, making the council elections sporadic and often very common place.Not all seats open at the same time.
The Elcarikyn believe in an entity they call the “Spirit Dragon”, which is named “Byre’stom”, and speaks to them through what they call, the Oracle, a high priestess who is highly gifted, or as the Elcarikyn like to claim, blessed by Byre’stom, in divination and have been said to tell great prophecies. The councils send their representatives to the Oracle in Dyskyr once a year to convene and receive advice for the year to come. It is said that any priestess of any race can be an Oracle, but only those of Elcarikyn descent have been to this day. There are some “cults” of Elcarikyn, however, believe in a more shamanistic way to communicate with Byre’stom, and they are not sanctioned by the Oracle at Dyskyr. If the cultists are to be believed, after taking a Staskyka, or what is roughly translated to “Spirit flight”, they say they can come face to face with Byre’stom himself and he will test them. If they pass his test, they will be granted the powers of Byre’stom, and they will be granted the powers of a dragon, to fly, breath molten fire without magic, and if it to be believed, the most powerful of these “Dragon disciples”, or Stomskoresh, can take the physical form of Byre’stom himself as his avatar.
Most Elcarikyn city-states have their own militia, to be used in times of small conflict and city defense. They are usually used for clearing out monster dens and bandit encampments, as well as doubling as city guard auxiliaries. The milita can be gathered, however, if there is a threat to the whole of the Elcarikyn city-states, if claimed by the Elcarikyn major council, or the forum, necessary. The Elcarikyn Forum then elects the most esteemed militia leaders of the officers to control the congregated military assembled. This is rare, however, as most city-states can fend for themselves. The military collective is only called in times of dire war. Violent fighting among city-states is extremely rare, and most inter-city-state conflicts are delegated by the Forum, or if they cannot come to a decision, the Oracle is delegated to for an answer. It is a grave offense for a city-state to use it’s militia against another city-state.


Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 18

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 17

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Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Astrenakyn

The Astrenakyn


The wolf-like Astrenakyn are perhaps the most integraded of all the Bystalkyn, or beast, races. In they’re language, they call themselves the Kukoru-Quin, or “Fang Blood”. For all the fear they inspire by their looks, not as regal as the lion-like Thumakyn or the Bird-like Lytherkyn,they are not are not as distrusted as the reptilian Elcarikyn. The Kukoru-Quin treats the non-bystalkyn, the  Durapak, or “Those without fur”, with concern, if not a little pity, for not being born with sharp teeth or great claws. Astrenakyn usually live on the outskirts of the cities and villages, mainly towards the central forests. The largest concentration of Astrenakyn are located in the country of Vasturn. Most make their living as hunters and trackers, as well as guides and mercenaries. There are a few Astrenakyn that build and maintain villages, but these are mainly trading outposts and resting dens, or their Korumak. The Astrenakyn view anywhere they claim as their main lodging or base to be their Korumak

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Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Thumakyn

The Thumakyn


These Bystalkyn (Elven word for the beast races in general) are largely semi-nomadic caravaners, going from trade stop to trade stop over periods of time, before returning to their home cities and villages. Being the largest and strongest of the Bystalkyn, they have known to act as guards or monster hunters, if it doesn’t interrupt their trade routes or time spans.Being caravanserai allows them to move products from city to city and are often known for bringing news from other places, as well as foreign and rare items. Being the main source of trade for most of the smaller settlements around the eastern continent, they are the most trusted of the Bystalkyn.

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