Magicka Mechanica – World Political Views

Your gonna need this map for this one,



World Politics Overview

On the continent there are three major spheres of influence. To the West of the Serylyn Forests the major influence is from the Island of Psyorlyamyr, and the homeland elves. These Generally include the island itself, the Kingdom of Imalorun, Byre and, to a lesser extent, Lyryalun. While Psyorlyamyr and Imalorun are strictly anti-technology, the more advanced technology is not widespread in Byre and Lyryalun. This is mainly because of transportation and the Pro-magic Elven sympathies, as well as the seats of the Un Thry, the main Elven church, that decry the advanced technologies as “evil”. The Un Thry preach that the advanced technologies cause the people to forget to honor the gods and cause people to accept “Pro-Cury” ways of thinking, which is against their customs.

The second, and majority, of the spheres of influence is the eastern “pro-technology” Influence of the country of Thorance. This pro-tech influence generally covers Thorance, Westmar, Caus De Leis and Jorn. The major contribution to this area of influence is the advancement of technologies like the railways and the ease of technology has given the common person that was formerly only available to the magically inclined and adept. While “Tech Friendly”, the Easter shere of influence promotes religious tolerence along with a general sense of personal freedoms, and does not, generally, disallow any form of religious prosecution, saving for some of the more “Barbaric” Curyumedyn cults and worshipers, generally those centered around sacrifices, especially of sentient sacrifices.

The final sphere of influence, while the smallest, is rapidly gaining general support.This influence is centered around the country of Thuma, the Lion-like Thumakyn, and it’s patron religion, the Abu-Thorom. This influence is common near the desert called the Thuma Sea, and the Abu-Thorom is the official religion of Dragon Hold. While less un-accepting of technology than that of Psyorlyamyr, the Abu-Thorom demands a higher sense of morality, especially in the concerns of magic. While Psyorlyamyr praises all magic as holy, and Thorance is lax, but regulated, in it’s caring of magic users, the Abu-Thorom demands that any use of conjoration, “Black” restoration (Necromancy) and, to a lesser extent, Divination is an affront to the Abu-Thorom-Domar, or the Thumakyn god. These are seen as perversions of the Abu-Thorom-Domar’s divine creation of all life and every soul’s order of things.

While these are the major spheres of influences, a few minor ones persist through out the lands. The Pery, and the Peryaldyn, or fey, control the area around the great Serylyn Forest that surrounds Peryoryn with the Forudyn. The Lytherkyn influence rules the mountain ranges, demanding subservience to Thwy’Sweal, their god. The Dwarves and Undyrkyn tribes influence controls the Undyrcar below the Great Spine. Minos is an influence in and of itself, mainly around Minos, Uru, Aros Uros and the Tie Islands in the South Sea of Eyes. Byre and Lyryalun control and govern themselves, even near the major Elven influences of Psyorlyamyr and Imalorun.


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