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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 9


Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 6

As Promised, It’s Monday, and another page of Kokoro No Kinu is ready. I know there is a lot of prep in this chapter, but trust me, the second half gets really good, and is worth the wait.

I know I’m a bit slow on uploading these pages, about twice a week, and that has been because I’ve been busy with life. Remember that right now I’m basically doing this for free… wait, there is no basically, I AM doing this for free right now, so making sure I can eat and have power is taking priority over working on this manga, as much as I wish it was the other way around.

I digress still, here is the sixth page of Kokoro No Kinu’s Chapter 2:

Page 6.png

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 5

I have finally finished page 5 of Kokoro No Kinu’s Chapter 2. I know it has been about a week, but my week has been CRAZY with trying to enroll in school. I’ll tell you peeps all about it if anyone cares below the page, speaking of which, let’s get to it!

Before that, on another note, When I get Chapter 1 fixed, I will be creating a Facebook page to showcase this shamelessly on that platform, But I want chapter 1 to be presentable before I do.

Page 5.png

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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 4

Here it is, Page 4 of Kokoro No Kinu, Not much real news to give this time, nor much backstory, so I’ll probably cut it short.

What I can give you all, if you haven’t already noticed, is there is a new tab up there, my unfinished works, showcasing some of my other manga projects that have been shelved for me to focus on this work. currently I’m only showing two of them, one that I have made a post on before, Elemental Key, and the unfinished action piece “Phantom Breakers” not relation to the game in anyway, I created the title before I knew about the game… yeah, so…

Anyway here is page 4 of Kokoro No Kinu, and give my other unfinished works a read and tell me what you think of them!

Page 4.png


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Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Pages 2 & 3

After a nice weekend break from the interwebs, I am back, and I wasn’t just relaxing, I took  the time to get some work done on my chapters. As you can read, I have two new pages up for you here for chapter 2, and I also have 2 fixed pages from chapter 1 uploaded as well, of course you can check those out on the Kokoro No Kinu Page. So before we get to the back story, here are the two pages!

Page 2

Page 3

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