Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 17

Another page down, one more to go till the end of Chapter 2! That will get done in the next few days, if not over the weekend. After that, I am going to do some more writing focused stuff until I start drawing chapter 3. these will be split between showing some of the writings for my game project I hope to make one day, and some stuff for Kokoro No Kinu, like some character bios and such.

Well, let’s not bore you any longer, on to the page!

Page 17.png

Alright, we’re getting, in case you didn’t see, a flashback, Tomoko is going to realize something, which I think you already know what that is. I’m still trying to word it right so it doesn’t look so stilted, but we’re nearing the end of the chapter, and this kinda sparks what is to come for the next few chapters.

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You can also read the first chapter (The fixed version!) here on Bato.to: http://bato.to/comic/_/sp/kokoro-no-kinu-r18880

Almost the end (of the chapter)



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