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A Portrait for a Friend


One of my longest known friends had a birthday recently, so as a gift to her, I decided to make her a pencil portrait of her. Normally I wouldn’t just show it around, but I think this is one of the best pieces of work I have done to date, and wanted to add it to my art gallery here.
As you know I never just add stuff to my Gallery tab silently, I make a post for all to know when another piece of my art becomes available for you all to see. So after this post is made, this portrait will be added to my online collection to show my work.
And a little update, if you do not follow my twitter (you should if you like my thoughts, @Umedyn of course), then you don’t know that I am currently working on the first page of Chapter 3. I hope to have that up by either Thursday or Friday at the latest, so look forward to that! Remember that this will take a while, as I haven’t even drawn the pages yet!

Still working,



Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Lytherkyn

The Lytherkyn

001 (3).jpg

The Bird-like Lytherkyn, or the Sweal’Ter as they call themselves, meaning “(Song) Wind Riders” are perhaps the most xenophobic of the Bystalkyn. The Lytherkyn are the most remote of the Bystalkyn, their villages and cities reside in the central and western mountain range, where natural canyons and high altitude lakes are formed. Most of the Lytherkyn cities are built up on canyon cliffs and rocky outcroppings, making it near impossible for the other races without wings, or at least a levitation or teleportation spell, to reach them. This, quite frankly, is how they want it.

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An Update

This is an update of where I am, and my plan moving forward. I want to start by saying I’m sorry that I’ve been a little lazy lately, I’ve been taking a break between editing Chapter 2 and working on Chapter 3. As you also know, I’m putting out notes on a game I plan to make one day, I’m going to be continuing that as well.

For those of you who don’t know, I am starting school this month, getting my Associated Science in Graphic and Web Design, and I’m sure that is going to cut into my working on Chapter 3, though I know it’s going to help my work in the long run, but I will be at least starting to draw Chapter 3 this month, and should have the first page up at least.

As I have stated before, Chapter 3 will take longer to produce per page than Chapter 2, because I have yet to draw it. I am working on it alone, and for free at this point, so other things, like school, may take precedent than working on this project.

I still plan on doing some more character Bios of course. The next Bio I will do is Tomoko, which will be up this weekend. I will do another cultural study for Magicka Mechanica as well this weekend, and that will be the Bird-like xenophobic Lytherkyn, so look forward to those two posts to be out in the next few days.

To reiterate: sorry for being lazy, taking a break before Chapter 3 and school, will post Tomoko Bio and Lytherkyn cultural study this weekend.

To hold you all over, here is a chibi picture of Tomoko, enjoy!