Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Astrenakyn

The Astrenakyn


The wolf-like Astrenakyn are perhaps the most integraded of all the Bystalkyn, or beast, races. In they’re language, they call themselves the Kukoru-Quin, or “Fang Blood”. For all the fear they inspire by their looks, not as regal as the lion-like Thumakyn or the Bird-like Lytherkyn,they are not are not as distrusted as the reptilian Elcarikyn. The Kukoru-Quin treats the non-bystalkyn, the  Durapak, or “Those without fur”, with concern, if not a little pity, for not being born with sharp teeth or great claws. Astrenakyn usually live on the outskirts of the cities and villages, mainly towards the central forests. The largest concentration of Astrenakyn are located in the country of Vasturn. Most make their living as hunters and trackers, as well as guides and mercenaries. There are a few Astrenakyn that build and maintain villages, but these are mainly trading outposts and resting dens, or their Korumak. The Astrenakyn view anywhere they claim as their main lodging or base to be their Korumak

The Astrenakyn, like the Dyshir-Kukoru, or the normal wolves, revolve around their packs, or Kukoru-Quinnak, and their reverence for the hunt, and what they call “Honorable combat”, or KukoruPac. The most common weapons that the Astrenakyn hunt and fight with are daggers, or, Kukoru Blades, made out of the bone of their toughest foe they last fell. A Kukoru Blade is a badge of honour and courage for an Astrenakyn, and one is not properly an adult, in most of the Astrenakyn eyes, until one has killed and fashioned their own Kukoru Blade out of a tough foe, or a Kukoruku, usually with their bare claws. The tougher the opponent an Astrenakyn has taken down, the more respect one is likely to get from an Astrenakyn, especially if one has made a Kukoru Blade out of it. A Durapak with their own Kukoru Blade, rightfully earned, is something of a novelty andisseen as someone of great skill and respect, especially ifone did it with their own bare hands.
Every Korumak is run by a Koru-Quin, or “Home Blood”, which is basically the “pack leader”, or the alpha. The Alpha, or Koku-Quin, can, and has been, male or female. One who is called Koru-Quin is uaully the wisest of the Korumak, with the most respectable Kukoru Blade. The Koru-Quin has the honor of leading the pack in hunts, for both Pakur, or “Prey” and the more respectable Kukoruku, or “Prey with Fangs”, hunts. The Koru-Quin are usually village leaders, mercenary captians, or some higher station. The loyalty between a Koru-Quin and the land’s lord for Astrenakyn can sometimes be a problem, depending on differences between the lord and the Koru-Quin’s views on a situation. An Astrenakyn can become a Koru-Quin by rite of a Quin-Kopak, or a blood challenge, fought between Koru-Quin and challenger, using their respective Kukoru Blades.This has often lead to the death of one, if not both of the combatants. The survivng loser, if one, is almost always exiled from the Korumak, if mercy is shown.
The Astrenakyn do not have an organized religion, so to speak. That does not mean they have a god. The Astrenakyn mostly believe in the Quin-Dymyr, or “Blood Mother”, and attribute her to the moon. It is said that her full light will reveal the Bukaryn-Quin-Kukoruku, or commonly known as “Werewolves”, who are said to have originally been given the curse by the blood mother. There is another viewpoint held by some Astrenakyn, the more devout sects, bordering on cult-like worship, that see the Bukaryn-Quin-Kukoruku as the true gifts of the blood mother, that only the Astrenakyn have the pure blood to control, and those of the Durapak cannot control. It is said that Astrenakyn affected with Lycanthropy, of which there has not been a recorded case, do not turn during the full moon, nor, if the wolf-priests are to be believed, are any Durapak who is bestowed the gift by the Blood Mother, and not someone who contracts it by normal means.
The Astrenakyn are the only Bystalkyn to not have a centralized government or country. They claim no land, and as such have no formal political powers or military to speak of. Most Astrenakyn Korumak are tied to the area of the land or city the Korumak is in. This is why most of the city police or village guards tend to be Astrenakyn. The Korumak of that area usually deals with the affairs of the Astrenakyn population in their territory. be they residents or travellers. Most of local government allow this, making it easier on them, as long as it is purely an Astrenakyn matter, and does not have anything to do with the land itself, or major crimes. Many Astrenakyn have used this system as a means of establishing illicit and often illegal trade among them, acting as a sort of mafia or at least, in the cases of the smallest territories, gangs. As long as thy don’t bother the non-Astrenakyn citizens blatently, or unavoidably, most city officals are more than willing to look the other way and could care less.


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