Umedyn’s Progress Report

So, I’m sure none of you are asking “Where has Umedyn been?” Well the short answer is that I have been in sort of a slump. I, quite frankly, am disappointed in myself. I was going to try and make this summer as productive as I could. Instead I not only haven’t made a single post since June, I couldn’t keep my New Years resolution and make a post a week (or at least catch up if I fall behind).

I hit a snag in my comic, first getting a serious case of creative block (Which plagues me to this day) and haven’t been eating well the past few weeks. Not because of any kind of disorder (I hope) but mainly because I barely have had the funds to feed myself, eating about a meal a day (usually some kind of chicken and mash potatoes, which I bought in bulk). It’s hard to get the old muse flowing when you’re hungry and sleeping from sunrise to sunset.

This isn’t complaining, or a sob story to make you feel sorry for me, I’m just telling you what’s been going on with me lately and why I haven’t posted all summer. I  am hoping to change that soon though. School will be starting up next week (even though my grants and loans don’t come in for about a 2 weeks to a month after that, really sucks). Because of this, I am going to try and get caught up with my New Years resolution and make a post every day of this week.

Keep in mind, most of these posts will be Magicka Mechanica information that I could have done over the summer, more Cultural Studies of the various races, maybe some info on the many lists I have, and possibly some other stuff (I have to go through my notes to figure out what exactly is polished enough for basic human contact). I am hoping that through this, my muse will finally kick back in and I’ll finish this damn page I haven’t touched since June (this creative block really sucks).

So keep an eye out, because posts abundant this week!

Trying to get back up to my own standards,



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