Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 3 Page 7

As you can read, the next page is ready! I’m sorry for the delay, it’s been a crazy week for me, but I was able to find the muse to get it done. If you follow my twitter, you know that I had a bot hack my account and basically PM everyone in my followers list, so that was a pain, and so forth.

I know you all didn’t come here for my problems, you all want the next page, or at least I think you do, so I’m going to give you what you want!

Ch3 Page 7.png

So I’m trying to work on some thing with this page, I tried changing up the angles, changing up how I do the black and white style screening, and I changed Machiko’s hair. Originally Machiko’s hair was originally suppose to be lighter, but in the first chapter I made the mistake of inking in her hair, so I changed that and gave her original hair color back, mainly because you really couldn’t see the detail in her hair.

I’m working on making my layouts better and better, I noticed a disturbing trend that I started without knowing it, using basically the same height and angle, so I’m working to change that, make it more dynamic, like the first chapter was. Hopefully every page looks better than the last.

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Need to get back to work on pages…




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