Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Elvydyn

The Elvydyn, otherwise known as elves by humans, have three major racial distinctions: the average Psylynumadyn and to a lesser extent the non-homeland born Imaloridyn; The wild Forudyn, or “forest elves” as they are commonly known; and the banished Duskorylun, commonly known as the “dark elves”. All of the Elvydyn are structured with the same slender builds and agile bodies, the major distinction between them are their abilities and skin coloration. The Psylynumadyn and Imaloridyn are almost indistinguishable, with fair skin and a range of common hair and eye colors, many of them are magically and artificially colored. The Forudyn are often more tan, slightly smaller, with darker hair and eye colors, mainly in the brown, black and greys. The most distinct of the Elvydyn are the cursed Duskorylun. The Duskorylun have near blue-black skin, with the lightest being more darker greys. The Duskorylun hair ranges from a silvery-grey to bright purple tinted grey, black hair is rare. Duskorylun eyes are often red, with the rare colors being purple, silvery grey and blue. Aside from being the second oldest aging sentient race, the first being the Peryaldyn, or Peryphylyn, also known as the pixies, they are also the most influential, and their religion is the most widely accepted and practiced, with their dogma the most believed.

The Psylynumadyn, or the homeland elves, consider themselves the most pure of any race, especially of all the elves. They are the elves that are born and raised on the homeland of the elves, or the island of Psyorlyamyr, the largest island on the west coast. Their birthplace and upbringing is the only thing that differs the Psylynumadyn from the Imaloridyn, and only these two of the races are allowed into the elvish holy city of Psyoryl, the elven capitol of Psyorlyamyr. The Imaloridyn are elves that were not born on the homeland, usually raised in human controlled countries on the mainland. The Elven cities use to be abundant on the mainland, until the mortal wars against the humans drove the elves back to Psyorlyamyr and the surrounding areas. This area of time is known as the Grythal Fyordare, or the “Great Flux”, that split the elven races, and caused the breaking of Lyryalun, in the year -2412 T.C. on the human calendar, or -12 E.C. if you were to use Elvydyn calendar, nearly five thousand years ago. Ever since that time, most elven cities can be found on the island of Psyorlyamyr and around the Nissbian Bay, but ancient ruins can be found dotting the landscape of the mainland.

The Forudyn are the branch of elves that stayed on the mainland during the great flux, and fled into Serylyn forest, the home of the Peryphylyn. The ancestors of the Forudyn stayed with the pixies, adopting their culture and religion, flourishing. The Pery, as the pixies prefer to be called, took in the Forudyn ancestors, who are now barred from the holy city of Psyloryl. This is because the Forudyn began worshiping the Pery nature gods and spirits. Even reformed Forudyn are barred from the city, the Psylynumadyn seeing them as tainted at birth. The Forudyn can be found in established cities in the central forest of the Serylyn, high in the canopy in tree house cities. Most Forudyn cities can be found near Pixie groves, and they often act as guards against the other Doxydal, or “big people”. The Forudyn are mostly hunters, traders and guides through the deep central forest, where one can easily get lost, or worse.

The Duskoralun are perhaps the most hated race among the elves, and most of the other races, including the Elcarikyn and even the Curykyn. These “dark” elves were once Psylynumadyn that worship the fallen Elvydyn god Lylothyl, and are, to date, the only group of civilized races that still openly worship one of the Curyumedyn. Lylothyl is the fallen god who protected her followers from the human invasion of Lyryalun. After the schism of Lyryalun, the Duskoralun fled into the Undyrcar, the almost continent spanning series of massive underground caverns that is located underneath the great spine, the northern chain of mountain ranges, above the Serylyn Forest. Most Duskorylun cities can be found in the Undyrcar, where they have hidden, for over three thousand years. Lyryalun and her people were once the richest island on the continent, until the humans tried to invade, and the island was split into islands. The ruins of ancient Duskorylun cities can be found all along the island chain of Lyryalun, but they are considered cursed and are known to be extremely dangerous. Only fishing villages, trading ports and pirate bases can be found to be inhabited on the island chain of Lyryalun. While the most of the Duskoralun can be found in the Undyrcar, they can be found in many of the larger cities, but the largest concentration of Duskoralun can be found in Elcarikyn cities, where they are usually welcome.

The Psylynumadyn are run by a council of elders, the oldest and usually the wisest of the homeland elves. The elders make the laws for rest of the Elvydyn cities. It is not uncommon for these Elvydyn elders to also be high priests and priestesses of the highest order of the Elvydyn Church. The council resides in the holy city of Psyoryl, where it is said Ivandathyl, the patron of the elven gods, decreed the elves be born. Most Elvydyn communities have a council of elders that govern the surrounding areas. While the smaller elder councils work mainly autonomously, all of them still answer to the high council in Psyoryl. Only Psylynumadyn can be a council member. The Psylynumadyn believe that the Imaloridyn have lost their touch too much to be members, the Forudyn are too tainted to be members, and any Duskorylun found in any Elvydyn city is to be killed on sight on an ancient law created by the high council in Psyoryl. Any Duskorylun found on the mainland, outside of Psyoryl control, are to be shunned and never are to be helped by any citizen of the elves. Elves are known for their long memories and great ability to hold grudges over long periods of time, generations by other race’s lifespans. The Elvydyn have only recently started to work with the other countries that live around the Nissbian Bay.

The Elvydyn Church and pantheon is the most widely recognized and accepted religion, but is a state sanctioned religion in Elvydyn cities. There can be found at least one Elvydyn church in almost every human city, and there is always one in every elven settlement. The seven high churches, and great cathedral are in Psyoryl, surrounding the great eldyr tree, where it is said the gods made the elves from it’s bark, sap and leaves. It is a holy site all Psylynumadyn are expected to make a pilgrimage to at least one once in their lifetime, especially on the millennium new years. The elven church is often referred to as the Un Thry, or “One Tree”, representing the holy tree that stands in Psyoryl, the birthplace of the Elvydyn.


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