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Sci-Fi Tech Sketches

Alright, in trying to keep my resolution of posting at least once per week, I have some sketches for you. These were very early concept designs for a shelved Sci-fi game idea I want to make in the future. Of course Kokoro No Kinu comes first, and/or with Magicka Mechanica. Since I really have nothing else to give, (still working on chapter 3 page 1, been a bit slack on that… my bad) I thought I would just share these with you all. The first one is free, but after that, you have to click that Continue Reading link to see the rest. Cheap tactic, I know, but it makes me feel better to see page views on my dashboard.


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Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Elvydyn

The Elvydyn, otherwise known as elves by humans, have three major racial distinctions: the average Psylynumadyn and to a lesser extent the non-homeland born Imaloridyn; The wild Forudyn, or “forest elves” as they are commonly known; and the banished Duskorylun, commonly known as the “dark elves”. All of the Elvydyn are structured with the same slender builds and agile bodies, the major distinction between them are their abilities and skin coloration. The Psylynumadyn and Imaloridyn are almost indistinguishable, with fair skin and a range of common hair and eye colors, many of them are magically and artificially colored. The Forudyn are often more tan, slightly smaller, with darker hair and eye colors, mainly in the brown, black and greys. The most distinct of the Elvydyn are the cursed Duskorylun. The Duskorylun have near blue-black skin, with the lightest being more darker greys. The Duskorylun hair ranges from a silvery-grey to bright purple tinted grey, black hair is rare. Duskorylun eyes are often red, with the rare colors being purple, silvery grey and blue. Aside from being the second oldest aging sentient race, the first being the Peryaldyn, or Peryphylyn, also known as the pixies, they are also the most influential, and their religion is the most widely accepted and practiced, with their dogma the most believed.

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Having No Muse Sucks

Sorry for the banal title, but as you can read, my drive for work is in the toilet at the moment. One of my New Years resolutions was to post at least once a week, but every time I put pen to paper, specifically on the next Kokoro No Kinu page, all inspiration and drive goes out the window. I decided to make a sketch instead to try and get my muse going, and while I’m not sure if it is working, at least I can share another TomokoxHitomi picture with you all.

Image (4).jpg

Art Class Gallery

Alright, since I took an art class during this last semester (some basic concept art class,  got an A in it, so I’m not complaining) I thought I would share with you all the projects I did for that class. Most of this is concept stuff, and not my best work, seeing as I did most of these right before the midnight deadline to turn them in, but I thought “Why not just show them off anyway?” So here are the projects I did for my college art class… note painting is NOT my best medium…


2016 In Retrospect; Plans For 2017

2016 has been, in a word, interesting.

I won’t go into all the crazy political stuff that has happened this year, as many of you who follow my Twitter know my ideas and stances on that. Instead I am going to talk about my experiences and thoughts on what I have done this year, mainly around this “blog” (I will never stop hating that word), and my projects. Then I will lay out some of my plans for 2017, my new years resolutions, only these are ones I will be actively trying to keep. So without further ado, let me get started.

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