Magicka Mechanica – A Brief History of the Undyrkyn Struggle for Recognition as Civilized Peoples

The first mentions of the so called “Undyrkyn” first appear at the tail end of the Age of Might, around -200 T.C. when the Elven necromancer Undyr Thorymyr began his campaign of authoritarian assault on the known world. We know that period of nearly 200 years today as the Age of Terror. The end of the Age of Terror was appropriately dated 0 T.C., or Terminous Centura, when the man known as Thoran Hallar lead a small band of his followers into the Undyrcar and defeated the then undead sorcerer, also known as a lich, that was once Undyr Thorymyr. This group would then establish the kingdoms that would later make up the countries we know today.
The Undyrkyn were came to be known at the beginning of the Age of Terror, when Undyr brought them up from the Undyrcar as his foot solders. The title of Undyrkyn are usually put into the the major, now civilized, races of the Minotaurs, the Orcs and the Goblins. A few other races that refused to agree to the Undyrkyn Civilities Act of 1802 are usually grouped in with the three races that agreed to the act. These are usually the Trolls, the Giants, Kobolds and a few other of the more intelligent semi-humanoid “monster” races we know today.
After the Age of Terror, during the period known as the Age of Kings, circa 0 to approximately 1600 T.C., the Undyrkyn were hunted down and chased out of the tribal lands they had settled in after the rule of Undyr Thorymyr. Many of the kingdoms of the time had placed hunting bounties on the various “monster” races to quell the numbers and take back the occupied land. Many of the captured Undyrkyn were sold off into slavery. This was before the United Countries Civilities Act of 1634, that claimed, in the most basic terms, that all non-bound or created entities were subject to civil rights against slavery and indentured servitude. The western countries eventually signed after pressuring from the progressive eastern influence.
Despite the United Countries Civilities Act, many of the races, including the Undyrkyn, were not eligible to own land or hold any titles until the Equality for Civilized Races Act of 1743. This of course did not apply to the Undyrkyn were not recognized as a civilized race yet. During this time, the Undyrkyn were treated as second class citizens, who could work and pay taxes, but were unable to have any land and could not hold any public offices. The turn came during the end of 1800s, when the Undyrkyn Union was established, to fight for the underprivileged races that did not fall under the protection under the Equality for Civilized Races Act.
After nearly two decades of protest and lobbying to the various councils and government entities, the major countries agreed to sign the Undyrkyn Civilities Act in 1802, claiming that any sentient, intelligent humanoid race would be granted protection under the Equality for Civilized Races Act. The few Undyrkyn races that signed the act were the Minotaurs, the Orcs and the Goblins. These races are given immediate immunity to discrimination. Any other person who was of a different undyrkyn race would have to have a representative call for a motion to grant them citizenship in the specific country.


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