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What’s Been Going On With Me

Hello All!

First off I want to say I’m sorry for not being active on this, Twitter, or other places you may know me from. I’ve been kinda busy lately. First off, I have started to go to college, getting my AS in Graphic and Web design, so I’ve been busy starting that and getting ready. Second of course was that I was dealing with Hurricane Hermine and the after effects of that. Luckily I, and my property, came out unscathed. We lost power for a few days, so I’m playing catch-up on some online homework I have.

As you all know, I am trying to get Chapter 3 of Kokoro No Kinu off the ground, and It’s been like those attempts of man’s first attempts at flight, a lot of crashing at the start up. I’ve been trying to work at school in between my classes, but other things keep coming up, my laptop has the battery life of a mayfly, and other things. I recently discovered an anime and gaming club that meets at my school, the good news is that it’s meeting are like 5 hours after my class on their scheduled day, so I’m going to try and use that time to work on the chapter instead of my usual getting caught up in some game, or trying to start and failing.

But that is what’s been going on with me, just to give you and update. I, again, am sorry I haven’t been as active as I use to be, but when I fully get into the swing of things, I am going to pick back up, at least a portion of what I was doing. I promise to post something at least once a week, even if it is just more Magicka Mechanica notes. If you like reading those, or like reading Kokoro No Kinu, or anything else I do, then by all means, let me know, positive re-enforcement is great for my non-existent ego, and if there is something I can improve on, constructive criticism always helps me grow and learn.

I promise to work harder, and be more active,



Magicka Mechanica – A Brief History of the Undyrkyn Struggle for Recognition as Civilized Peoples

The first mentions of the so called “Undyrkyn” first appear at the tail end of the Age of Might, around -200 T.C. when the Elven necromancer Undyr Thorymyr began his campaign of authoritarian assault on the known world. We know that period of nearly 200 years today as the Age of Terror. The end of the Age of Terror was appropriately dated 0 T.C., or Terminous Centura, when the man known as Thoran Hallar lead a small band of his followers into the Undyrcar and defeated the then undead sorcerer, also known as a lich, that was once Undyr Thorymyr. This group would then establish the kingdoms that would later make up the countries we know today. Continue reading