Magicka Mechanica Cultural Studies – The Lytherkyn

The Lytherkyn

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The Bird-like Lytherkyn, or the Sweal’Ter as they call themselves, meaning “(Song) Wind Riders” are perhaps the most xenophobic of the Bystalkyn. The Lytherkyn are the most remote of the Bystalkyn, their villages and cities reside in the central and western mountain range, where natural canyons and high altitude lakes are formed. Most of the Lytherkyn cities are built up on canyon cliffs and rocky outcroppings, making it near impossible for the other races without wings, or at least a levitation or teleportation spell, to reach them. This, quite frankly, is how they want it.

Most Lytherkyn cities are nearly the best protected for just the reason of their locations. They would be the best if not for the subterranean Dwarven settlements in the Undyrcar. The Lytherkyn would also be the most graceful and agile, if not for the fey Peryaldyn. The Lytherkyn view the other races in contempt as bulky, clumsy and slow. The exceptions are of course the fey and the Elves, being the most graceful and agile of the other races. The Lytherkyn view the Elcarikyn as the most loathsome and hated of the races, mainly based on the serpent bias, and the Lytherkyn genesis story blames a serpent for tricking the first Lytherkyn from the heavens.

The Lytherkyn are the most disbursed of the Bystalkyn and the only ones without a unified government, besides the Astrenakyn. The Lytherkyn society is broken up mainly into Swarmyrs, or Lyherkyn “kingdoms”. All Swarmyrs are ruled by a Swar’Ter, or the equivalent of a holy king. The Swar’Ter is viewed as an almost closest representative to their god, Thwy’Sweal, the “Lord (of the) (song) Wind”, who’s symbol is a Roc, or “Thwy”, a particularly large bird, who’s average size is that of a second story house. To Ascend to the throne after the death of the previous Swar’Ter, The Chosen must tame a wild Roc, without getting eaten. Swar’Ter rule for life. Due to Lytherkyn law, only a royal Lytherkyn can become a Swar’Ter.

The Lytherkyn are the most religious of the bystalkyn by nature, following the Law of Thwy’Sweal, which is more often than not the law of each Lytherkyn kingdom. Their religion, the Quwilyr, is involved in every part of Lytherkyn society. The priests of the Quwilyr are the most powerful members of society, besides the Swal’Ter. They act as judge and jury against anyone breaking the Laws of Thwy’Sweal, and they are most unforgiving. Every priest must dedicate their lives to Thwy’Sweal, and are required to take a pilgrimage to the eight shrines of Thwy’Sweal every five years. The priests of Quwilyr are not tied to any Swarmyr or Swar’Ter but some will stay in a Swar’Ter’s castle to advise the king. Most priests are above the law, and angering one of them is a most dangerous endeavor.

The Lytherkyn raise their young communally, taking care of them as a society, so the concept of a mother and father is quite foreign to them, and all of the community is called to take care of the young ones. This binds the community together greatly, making the kingdoms as one big “family”. The only exception to this rule are the Swar’Ter and his concubines, who’s only purpose in life is to be his brood mates. Swar’Ter children are viewed as sacred, seeing as one of them will become the next Swar’Ter. The rest of the males will become priests, and the females used as concubines to other Swar’Ter as peace offerings.This causes more independence in some of the Lytherkyn and most Lytherkyn outside of their cities would be the children of a Swar’Ter and their entourage. It is not uncommon, however, to find bands of rogue Lytherkyn who have broken away from their societies, and a very few make their way to towns and cities not controlled by Lytherkyn, but between becoming citizens of other countries and escape, Swar’Ter will often hunt any of those fleeing their kingdoms.


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