An Update

This is an update of where I am, and my plan moving forward. I want to start by saying I’m sorry that I’ve been a little lazy lately, I’ve been taking a break between editing Chapter 2 and working on Chapter 3. As you also know, I’m putting out notes on a game I plan to make one day, I’m going to be continuing that as well.

For those of you who don’t know, I am starting school this month, getting my Associated Science in Graphic and Web Design, and I’m sure that is going to cut into my working on Chapter 3, though I know it’s going to help my work in the long run, but I will be at least starting to draw Chapter 3 this month, and should have the first page up at least.

As I have stated before, Chapter 3 will take longer to produce per page than Chapter 2, because I have yet to draw it. I am working on it alone, and for free at this point, so other things, like school, may take precedent than working on this project.

I still plan on doing some more character Bios of course. The next Bio I will do is Tomoko, which will be up this weekend. I will do another cultural study for Magicka Mechanica as well this weekend, and that will be the Bird-like xenophobic Lytherkyn, so look forward to those two posts to be out in the next few days.

To reiterate: sorry for being lazy, taking a break before Chapter 3 and school, will post Tomoko Bio and Lytherkyn cultural study this weekend.

To hold you all over, here is a chibi picture of Tomoko, enjoy!




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