Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 5

I have finally finished page 5 of Kokoro No Kinu’s Chapter 2. I know it has been about a week, but my week has been CRAZY with trying to enroll in school. I’ll tell you peeps all about it if anyone cares below the page, speaking of which, let’s get to it!

Before that, on another note, When I get Chapter 1 fixed, I will be creating a Facebook page to showcase this shamelessly on that platform, But I want chapter 1 to be presentable before I do.

Page 5.png

Yes, our good old friend Kai-Sushi is back! Your going to be seeing a lot of him, especially in this chapter. As you can tell, he’s the largest of the antagonists for our little future yuri couple (spoiler in case you didn’t know!).

In this page we are still establishing what is to take place later in the chapter. Why has he shown up? Well you’ll find out in the next page, which I promise will be uploaded Monday, along with another fixed page of the first chapter of Kokoro No Kinu.

If any of you care about my week, I’ll sum it up below:

Explanation (long long long story of trying to get into school):
Trying to get my 2015-2016 FAFSA application fixed because there was an error in my birthdate on the form, which I didn’t know until yesterday after the new student orientation (on the same day the summer classes payments were due, smart thinking there,) that something was amiss.

So I had to plow through my piles of papers for over an hour to find my student aid report because my e-mail ate the one I had in there so I could get the code to unlock the application to fix the school it was sent to because It wasn’t set for TCC, but Lively Tech for some reason.

I think I got all of that corrected… now to wait 4-6 days for the information to go through the system to the school to verify the application… but hopefully that will all clear up soon and I can start classes this summer…


Not that you all care, but I am going into graphic design, so I can make better art than I am currently doing. This is going to flow into creating my own video games some time in the late future, if the world doesn’t implode by then.

Now for the contacts stuff if you made it this far!

You can follow me on Twitter @umedyn, subscribe and check out my Youtube channel, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can support my work (and my manga) on my Patreon page, and now check out my tumblr, which is mainly another sounding board for this blog. As an added bonus, I am now on Ask.fm, a site where you can ask me any question you want to ask, and no matter what, I’ll probably answer, I’m a glutton for punishment…

And Facebook page coming soon!

You can also read the first chapter here on Bato.to: http://bato.to/comic/_/sp/kokoro-no-kinu-r18880

I promise more on monday!



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