Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 2 Page 4

Here it is, Page 4 of Kokoro No Kinu, Not much real news to give this time, nor much backstory, so I’ll probably cut it short.

What I can give you all, if you haven’t already noticed, is there is a new tab up there, my unfinished works, showcasing some of my other manga projects that have been shelved for me to focus on this work. currently I’m only showing two of them, one that I have made a post on before, Elemental Key, and the unfinished action piece “Phantom Breakers” not relation to the game in anyway, I created the title before I knew about the game… yeah, so…

Anyway here is page 4 of Kokoro No Kinu, and give my other unfinished works a read and tell me what you think of them!

Page 4.png


So, like I said, not too much backstory here, just establishing something that are going to be happening later on in the chapter. It gets really good towards the middle and the end, so hang in there!

Anyway, I’m really going to keep this short, so as always, I’ll give you all a the contacts, and there will be a new fixed page up before the next of the new chapter is, so look forward to that!

You can follow me on Twitter @umedyn, subscribe and check out my Youtube channel, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can support my work (and my manga) on my Patreon page, and now check out my tumblr, which is mainly another sounding board for this blog. As an added bonus, I am now on Ask.fm, a site where you can ask me any question you want to ask, and no matter what, I’ll probably answer, I’m a glutton for punishment…

You can also read the first chapter here on Bato.to: http://bato.to/comic/_/sp/kokoro-no-kinu-r18880

So when the next I work on comes out!



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