I Have Not Been Idle – Working on Updating

Hello to all!

I know I haven’t made a post in a while, and that is not because I have been twiddling my thumbs! I have been working hard trying to fix my Kokoro No Kinu pages.

I Believe I was rash in releasing these pages in the state they were in, and I have been hard at work fixing the lines and making them look so much better than they were.

You can see an example of the difference in the A Clear Difference post I made before this one, Showing how what I was doing before, and how I am fixing the pages to better reflect my work.

I currently have 10 pages of the first chapter (1 – 4 of the prologue, and pages 1 – 6 of chapter 1) and so far the change has been a great success in the quality of the art.

You can view the unfixed pages in my Kokoro No Kinu – Old Pages page, which has all 21 pages of the first chapter in it, but the quality, (which is why I am redrawing the lines) is not up to my standards.

I will continue to work to make these pages look the best I can, and to make Kokoro No Kinu a manga I am proud to show, and hopefully an enjoyable manga for you all to read and follow.

Tirelessly working into the dead of night,



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