Why Kokoro No Kinu? – My Thoughts

So the last page of the first chapter of Kokoro No Kinu is set to be uploaded today. I thought it would be nice to give you all the reasoning as to why I chose this manga idea to create, edit and share with you all! If the process of choosing a manga idea to go forward with interest you, then please read on.

First off I started writing Kokoro No Kinu about 4 years ago, let it sit and rust while I designed and worked on other projects, came back to it, rewritten it, redrew it and then let it sit for another year or two. The fact that I chose this one, over all the other ideas I had was a multi-faceted one.

Let me be clear that when I went forward with this project not because I had drawn it the most, I have another manga idea that I have drawn three full chapters of. It wasn’t the most cinematic or action packed, and it wasn’t the most ideally original, or the one I worked on the most. To give you some context of the choices I went through to choose this one.

I have created and designed at least four to five different manga ideas, some of which I have drawn a few chapters of already. To be fair, I will upload the rough chapters of those manga ideas at later dates. I have designed at least three different video game ideas. Some of those I have made concept drawings (You all have seen one of them, the Map, which is a large map I drew for one of my games). to plots and even mechanics and equations for the games.

Now that all seems like bragging, but it is more a testament as to my massive ability to procrastinate than anything else. The games I have not gone through with because I do not have the technical skill to even begin to start to create those.

No I chose Kokoro No Kinu. (Which started out Hato No Kinu before again changing to Shinzo No Kinu before now becoming Kokoro No Kinu, thanks to a nice translator named Cytrus, so thank that person for the final title.) Okay, back on track. I started to really work on, and focus on Kokoro No Kinu because I knew the whole story. That’s it. In the beginning I started to work on it because it was the one I knew the start and the end of. That wasn’t the reason I continued to create this manga.

I continued because, as I worked on the story, I fell in love with the characters, I felt invested in their story, which I felt started to have a story to tell, and I felt like Tomoko and Hitomi’s story needed to be told. I could not keep this all in my head. Above all my other ideas, theirs was the one I truly wanted to tell. I hope that, as the manga grows, and their story becomes available to you all, that you want to feel invested in this story. I hope you all come to want to know, to become invested in their story, and to see this to the end.

It isn’t going to be just me continuing this. I need your all’s support. I’m not talking about money, or clicks, whatever. I’m talking about you all reading this, commenting, interacting with this story. You all make me want to work on this, every view, every like, every comment, it shows that others want to read this story as well, and that. That is what truly drives me to continue with this story.

I want to say thank you all so far, and I hope to have the opportunity to thank you all again in the future when Tomoko and Hitomi’s story ends!

Thank you all reading for your support!!!



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