Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 19

Page 19 is here, and we are starting to see some things come into play! After this page, only two more until the end of the chapter! I hope you all are liking the comic so far!

As a reminder, you can read all of the comic that I have completed here: https://umedyn.wordpress.com/kokoro-no-kinu/

Chapter 1 Page 19.png

Alright, some backstory and explanation on this page. This is at Hitomi’s graduation celebration dinner. If you haven’t noticed, there is something different, something off, about Aiko.

You will find out in later chapters, as that plays a part in Tomoko and Hitomi’s story. In this page, we see that Tomoko knows the writing teacher for the local collage, that is part of her backstory you will learn as time goes on.

We also see that Hitomi’s father wants her to move out to gain some more independence. This may seem rushed, but rest assured, it is actually planned to look that way, what do you think that means? Tell me in the comments section!

Anyway, as for plans after the chapter is done, and before the next chapter, I will be releasing other stuff not tied to Kokoro No Kinu, as well as some character bios, and maybe even some hints at events to come! Either way, I hope you are all enjoying the manga I am working hard to make! Now for the contacts and stuff!

You can follow me on Twitter @umedyn, subscribe and check out my Youtube channel, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can support my work (and my manga) on my Patreon page, and now check out my tumblr, which is mainly another sounding board for this blog. As an added bonus, I am now on Ask.fm, a site where you can ask me any question you want to ask, and no matter what, I’ll probably answer, I’m a glutton for punishment…

Next page will probably be up tomorrow, meaning the chapter will be completely finished by the end of the week!



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