Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 17

Double page feature for you all today, I’m going to keep the pages separate posts, however, just to keep record, and I get two post counts instead of one, so #selfishreasons. Either way, I’m uploading two at a time today for the simple reason that both pages are silent, meaning no word balloons, so they both were relatively easy to upload. I’m boring you am I? Well let’s get to page 17 then!

Chapter 1 Page 17.png

This page is just the quick graduation scene, just to show that she did in fact graduate. Let it be known that I know nothing of Japanese graduation, so I just did a quick scene and not drag it out.. or at least I didn’t know too much about it at the time of making this page, I’ve learned a little more about the process now, but it was too late to go back and change that, so we get this. Either way, I’m done talking so I’ll get to uploading page 18 now!

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On to the next page!



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