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Kokoro No Kinu Update And Other Manga News!

Hello all!

I have GREAT news! I have finally gotten the Chance to scan in Chapter 2 of Kokoro No Kinu! I have a choice to make now, Do I finish fixing Chapter 1, or do I work on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 at the same time? Please let me know in the comment section what I should do, I’m really stuck on this… But either way, progress is being made, and now I can actually work on Chapter 2!

I also have other great news, I have found and scanned in two of my discontinued manga projects! One some of you have seen before, the Elemental Key, and the other is one you haven’t seen before.

It was a manga project titled Phantom Breakers. It is in no way connected to the game of the same name, and quite frankly I wasn’t too happy when I heard the name was taken, but I had moved onto Kokoro No Kinu before I heard that, so I never changed the name.

I am working on uploading the pages. Elemental Key had about 19 pages drawn when I wanted to work on something else, and Phantom Breakers had two full chapters and part of the third drawn when I got the idea and really got invested in Kokoro No Kinu.

Elemental Key is already available to look at, and Phantom Breaker is going to be uploaded as fast as I can, But get ready for Chapter 2 of Kokoro No Kinu, and let me know in the comments below if I should finish fixing Chapter 1, or work on both of them at the same time.

Getting things done,



I Have Not Been Idle – Working on Updating

Hello to all!

I know I haven’t made a post in a while, and that is not because I have been twiddling my thumbs! I have been working hard trying to fix my Kokoro No Kinu pages.

I Believe I was rash in releasing these pages in the state they were in, and I have been hard at work fixing the lines and making them look so much better than they were.

You can see an example of the difference in the A Clear Difference post I made before this one, Showing how what I was doing before, and how I am fixing the pages to better reflect my work.

I currently have 10 pages of the first chapter (1 – 4 of the prologue, and pages 1 – 6 of chapter 1) and so far the change has been a great success in the quality of the art.

You can view the unfixed pages in my Kokoro No Kinu – Old Pages page, which has all 21 pages of the first chapter in it, but the quality, (which is why I am redrawing the lines) is not up to my standards.

I will continue to work to make these pages look the best I can, and to make Kokoro No Kinu a manga I am proud to show, and hopefully an enjoyable manga for you all to read and follow.

Tirelessly working into the dead of night,


A Clear Difference – Kokoro No Kinu News

This is going to be a short Bulletin about what I am doing with Kokoro No Kinu.

I told you all that I am redoing the pages, and well nothing could have prepared me for how right I was to start doing so. Take a look at the new “Eyecatcher” page, redone:

Chapter 1 Page 02 - 03.png

This is quite frankly a huge improvement over the old page, which I will show below.

Prologue page 2-3

You can tell instantly the difference. So I will continue to work on enhancing the art of the first chapter this way, and brining you the new pages as I create them!

Finally improving,


Updates and Announcements About Kokoro No Kinu

Hello all! It’s been a few days since I’ve done a post on this blog, and be reassured, I have not been lazing around! I’ve been working on my skills in the past few days, and I’ve come to some conclusions about what I’m doing, and what I am going to do.

As you know, the art in my first chapter of Kokoro No Kinu is, how shall we say, not of a quality that I am happy, and as some of the comments I’ve gotten from other places, some people have the same thoughts.

So I am planning on reworking the art, mainly the lines that were messed up when I resized the pages in the idiotic way that I did when I uploaded it. I will be redrawing the lines and touching up the chapter, mainly making the art look more smooth, and adding shading to the characters.

Because I am just fixing my stupid mistakes, I will not be placing posts showing the new pages, instead I am going to be slowly replacing the pages in the Kokoro No Kinu page as I fix them. I will be making twitter posts announcing the page replacement, which I will most likely pin the latest page fix post to my Twitter page.

I am excited about doing this because I want the art to be the best it can be, and because I have been having a blast learning how to do line art better with GIMP, and the methods I have learned will be the best way to fix those pages.

Note that I will not be editing the later chapters in the same way because I will just be working from the scanned pages, the fixes to those pages will be done in this method, however, but that’s more the editing process and blah blah blah.

Either way, keep your eyes to my twitter feed to know when the pages will be updated, so stay tuned!

Making it better every day,


Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 21

The final page is here! Page 21 of chapter 1 is finally finished. Somewhere in the back of my mind I didn’t think I would ever finish editing this chapter, much less showing it to people, but look at it now! Chapter 1 finished at last. If this goes well, hopefully Chapter 2 will be worked on very soon! For now, though, let’s get to the last page!

Read the whole chapter here:

Chapter 1 Page 21

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Why Kokoro No Kinu? – My Thoughts

So the last page of the first chapter of Kokoro No Kinu is set to be uploaded today. I thought it would be nice to give you all the reasoning as to why I chose this manga idea to create, edit and share with you all! If the process of choosing a manga idea to go forward with interest you, then please read on.

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