Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 10

Alright, Page 10 is here! The chapter is basically half way finished. So far it’s been a fun journey, and hopefully will continue to be. So half way through, so let’s get a dialog going here, comment below what you think so far? I know there isn’t a lot to go on, but if you have been actually following these, you must have opinions, alternatively, you can ask me questions or I guess comments anon. through my Ask.fm, and don’t worry, I can take criticism, I’m made of tougher stuffin’ Anyway, here’s the page:

Chapter 1 Page 10.png

Now for the background as always, even if no one actually reads this stuff, This is the blog portion of the post, where I ramble on and on about shiz on my mind. So as I said, the chapter is already halfway through. It’s been really going around in my head about how I’m going to be doing this after this chapter is done. I’m actually going to be starting school in the summer, and the federal grants and/or loans are going to get me some new equipment, if no snags appear in my plans, which they always do, but I really need the intake, I’m running close to empty.

When that comes in, then I can upload chapter 2 and work on it, and more, like more videos, more art and other fun stuff, because as of right now this manga is the only thing being posted up on this art blog, of course it’s also taking up the majority of my time, but that’s besides the point. Still, between those two places, the manga running out of pages for this chapter, and the influx of new revenue, I’m going to try my best to fill the void the best I can. Maybe some notes on my various Game projects, who knows?

But as per the norm, it’s time for my contact stuffs, so, as always you can follow me on Twitter @umedyn, subscribe and check out my Youtube channel, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can support my work (and my manga) on my Patreon page, and now check out my tumblr, which is mainly another sounding board for this blog. As an added bonus, I am now on Ask.fm, a site where you can ask me any question you want to ask, and no matter what, I’ll probably answer, I’m a glutton for punishment…

Chapter is half finished!



7 thoughts on “Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 10

  1. Aul

    You drew that? That’s awesome!!! I’ve never seen an aspiring manga artist before. That’s so cool 😀
    I had an idea for a manga/anime story but I’m not artist, so I just turned it into a book series (at least I actually AM good at writing…). Oh well. Consider yourself a talented person 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First, thank you for the words of encouragement. Second, consider yourself lucky, Writing is the hardest part of this. You could be the best artist in the world, but if your story is a cowpie, then so is the art in context. It takes a mixture. If your good at writing, then work on perfecting it, there is always something new to learn and experience. One of the best things I can think of for writing is to join an RP board, I’ve been a part of a few, and it can be the most fun thing one can do. Keep up the writing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aul

        First, you’re welcome! Second, okay! I see what you’re saying. And I’m not saying that I’m disappointed that I’m “only a writer”…because I love it! I’ve written five books fof my own “anime series” and have self published four of those books. I definitely won’t ever give up writing. Thank YOU for the encouragement, and keep up the drawing! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Everyone is disappointed when they can’t do something well, I’m disappointed I can’t use graphic arts programs as good as I wish I could, and you’ve published more books than I have, so in this realm your quite more successful than I am! I hope one day to get to read something you’ve written.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Aul

            Sure, everyone has things they wish they could do. The key is to focus on what you can do and what you WANT to do, and take that as far as you can.

            You’re welcome to direct me to any books you’ve written! And I’d love for you to read some of mine. Just say the word and I’ll tell you how to acquire one. Thanks again for the encouragement!

            Liked by 1 person

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