Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 5

As you can tell by the title, the fifth page of Kokoro No Kinu’s chapter 1 is finished, and you are probably looking at it now instead of reading this… no, go ahead and finish… I’ll wait…

Chapter 1 Page 5.PNG

All done? Alright then, lets continue.  I know I normally intersect these pages and art with my own thoughts and ideas. I guess I try to blend the gallery aspect with the blog aspect. In fact, I’ve been wondering, and the trend is that most of you viewing are coming from OG-Man’s blog, when he reblogged my prologue page. I am betting that the views for this will go down when that leaves his front page.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but the number of views tell who comes here from where, and that’s how it’s looking. But even though that be the case, I thank you all for reading so far, and I know this chapter isn’t that exciting, but I can say, with certainly can say that chapter 2 will be better than the first.

I’ll be telling this story even if no one is watching. I’m doing this because I love to. This story, in proper self-praising, is an interesting one that I want to share, and I think that the people who are living through similar situations that Hitomi and Tomoko will go through can inspire them and give them the courage to persevere through the tough times, because, if they can, it will get better.

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Until the next page, maybe tomorrow,



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