Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 4

Here is the fourth page of Kokoro No Kinu chapter 1. In this page we meet Hitomi’s current relationship, Kaizuki. Now I know what your thinking “But Umedyn, you said this was a yuri manga! Why is she with a guy?” The answer is simple: One of the hurdles The dynamic duo’s face is the question of sexuality, and how we perceive ourselves. One of Hitomi’s budding problems is individuality and conventionality. Tomoko knew about herself from a very early age, as we will see in the next few pages, while Hitomi is still learning about herself. There is another very important reason she is with Kaizuki in the beginning, but that would be spoilers. Now onto the page!

Chapter 1 Page 4.png

Now onto a problem that I’m sure all of you have seen as well, and that is the quality (resolution) of the manga. That problem stems from the way I resized the manga when I first scanned it in. I made the mistake of not using a suitable program to resize it (using paint was not the right choice, Photoshop or Gimp would have been). But as I have stated, I don’t have a scanner, so I cannot rescan the pages right now, and there would be too much work to retone them and fix all the mistakes I had fixed in the pages. I can guarantee that chapter 2 onward will be much better quality, that I much I can say.

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Hopefully this streak will continue and I can show you guys a new page tomorrow!

Promises to get better each time,



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