Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 3

Here it is, Page 3 of Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1! So far so good. It’s way too early to tell how this will go in the long run, but so far I’m having an immensely fun time showing this work to you people!

Chapter 1 Page 3.PNG

You know, I just want to say, it’s amazing. looking at the stats for my art blog, and today was the best day yet, nearly 200 views, the largest number to date, bringing the total views to nearly 600, which is more than I had expected this early. You guys, the ones who keep returning to check out my work, it’s you that keeps me working on my pieces, showing me that some people care enough to take a look at what I’ve done, and that keeps me going, working on something I wasn’t sure I would ever finish, ever show to anyone. So again, thank you, the returning people, the ones who make working on this project worthwhile.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @umedyn, subscribe and check out my Youtube channel, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can support my work (and my manga) on my Patreon page, where you could get your own custom art created! Thank you for showing an interest in my art, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Hopefully this streak will continue and I can show you guys a new page tomorrow!

Your humble artist,



2 thoughts on “Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 3

    1. and yet it seems to be every anime/manga schoolgirl’s bread and butter. I know the trope and thought I’d throw it in there for fun.I was afraid when uploading this that no one could tell what that was.

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