Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 2

Here is page two of Kokoro No Kinu, a wordless page, but I thought it had a certain sense of serenity to it, and no, it’s not just a fan service page, I just thought it was nicely drawn (self praise). It shows a few angles, and was the page I kept when I redrew the chapter. Remeber you can see all the pages, when they come up on the Kokoro No Kinu page tab, located at the top of the page. As a note, it reads the way a standard manga does, right to left.
Chapter 1 Page 2


Not much to really say about this page, I don’t think there will be nudity in Kokoro No Kinu, it’s not that type of manga, but I guess some side-boob is ok every once in a while…

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