Kokoro No Kinu Chapter 1 Page 1

I have page one here, hot off the programs. Now starts the saga of Hitomi and Tomoko! This is the beginning of their tale of woe, uncertainty, and at last acceptance… Remeber you can see all the pages, when they come up on the Kokoro No Kinu page tab, located at the top of the page. As a note, it reads the way a standard manga does, right to left.

Chapter 1 Page 1.png

The chapter summary is a simple one, Hitomi graduates high school, and the celebratory graduation dinner with her parents. As I said, this chapter is mainly setting up for the real story. Sorry if it doesn’t start with a bang, but it’s not one of those stories. It’s a slow build to a crashing crescendo, or a few, and I like to set the mood and story before getting into the meaty parts of the story. Think of the first chapters as an appetizer to the main course. There are a few chapters like that, some light ones, and some very dark chapters as well. But I wanted it to be close to life, and I believe living through bad experiences build character. Nothing good comes without strife and pain, but if the reward is great enough, then the bad times were worth the effort, and love is the greatest prize of all!

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Until the next page tomorrow,



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