Key Elemental (working title)

Okay, some backstory is in order for this. I was looking around my folders, when I found some scans from a manga I was working on a while back. I had forgotten I had scanned these in around that time to show someone. These are only pencil scans, so they are kinda light, and the words are a bit hard to read, I had them all written in, but I think you can read it pretty okay. Once I had found these, I knew I had to share them with you all! So here is one of my early projects, “Key Elemental” (working title)

Please note, however, this is in no way tied to Kokoro No Kinu, those are coming later (Still editing the prologue pages right now, and those will be coming later in the week…


2 thoughts on “Key Elemental (working title)

  1. I too am new to blogging. It takes awhile to figure out your audience. I use a two- sided approach. I look for folks with common interests and vies, but also others with somewhat opposing or different outlooks. So I read post and came to your site because I like art and I want to see how Americans view different types of anime/manga. I like your drawings!

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    1. Well thank you very much. It seems like anime, and in a lesser extent, manga in America is changing. When it first came to America, the big things were the shonen types, like Kenshin, Gundam and Dragonball, with a few pockets of different things here and there, like Sailor Moon, but with the boom of the internet, those views are changing drastically, despite what Japan thinks we like. For instance, I LOVE slice of life, and I am a Yuri fanatic, something that was not being shown fifteen, twenty years ago. Now it has boomed, from the action, to all kinds. I wish more of the lighter types of anime will be ported in, and I think people like me, who is a bit indifferent to the action types, is going to change that.

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