Taking a Break to Enhance Art

This is not really a long break, but something I have been mulling about in my head for a few days now. Looking at the abysmal quality of some of my screenshots, the best I can get them, I’ve decided to rework them in programs like GIMP, and really enhance the quality, also coloring and fixing them up to look a lot nicer. I will be recording and time lapsing these projects, just to show the transformation between the before and after pictures, and I think this is improve the quality of the work as well.

So I may not post some of the artwork for a few days while I get these done, needless to say my weekend just became very busy, as I’m going to do this in the fastest, but most efficient way possible. So look forward to that in the near future, you can still chat with me on twitter and in the comments, but until I get a scanner, I’m just not satisfied with the quality my work is getting with the methods I’m currently using.

Until I get these done,



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