Quick Draw: In Your Grasp

I said it may take me a while to get these enhanced versions of my art done, but I got one created this morning, and decided to post it up today! The reason that the Quick Draw is in the title is because I recorded the whole process, the transition from screenshot  to the fully colored art you see below, which you can find here: Quick Draw: In Your Grasp, speaking of which, lets bring that up now!


This is one of my favorite pieces of my iconic couple, Tomoko, with her slightly protective nature, watching over Hitomi. It’s a sweet piece, even before the full color upgrade. I like the black and white, but as I’ve explained, I’m using a screenshot for the picture, and I’m not completely liking the way it turned out, there are too many shadows to get perfect, so I decided to color them in, and if I can promote my Youtube channel at the same time, even better! I know, I know, still shameless plugging of my other, less popular venue, but I do have three videos up now, with a fourth so very close. So please, if you like my art, watch, and if you like the videos, subscribe. If you like this piece, then watch the time lapse video on how I made it, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Until the next one!



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