Quick Draw: Clockwork Rabbit

I have just uploaded the video Quick Draw: Clockwork Rabbit, There you can see the whole process of drawing the clockwork rabbit in a little over 12 minutes, with some great fast paced music that fits the time lapse perfectly.

I’m sorry if this isn’t my normal method of doing this, usually I give some backstory and comments before I shamelessly plug whatever the post is about, but it’s like two in the morning, I have a class tomorrow, and I have been up since Tuesday… anything I could say was already said in the Let’s Draw: Clockwork Rabbit post, I created this time lapse because it was a cool idea, and I think it turned out pretty cool, if my hubris will allow me to say that. Still, I had fun making this as well, the music was copyright free, so that was nice, and I thought they fit the flow of the art being made quite well. You can find the links to the musician’s youtube pages in the description of the Quick Draw video (More shameless plugging).

Okay, I’m going off to sleep, but before I do, if you liked my videos, or even my art, please subscribe to my youtube channel, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, and if you really want to support me, you could always become a patron of mine on Patreon, where you might get a chance at getting your own personal artwork created, and even some videos like the ones I’ve created so far!

So, until next time, shamelessly plugging away,



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