One In The Hand

This piece is one of my more realistic styles, I think I found the picture for this in the newspaper one day and thought the idea was cool, so I shaded it out. This was when I was practicing my shading techniques. Because I don’t have a scanner that I can upload my pictures on, I’ve been having to screenshot them from my webcam,and as you can see, the shadows tend to get on the picture, which causes that darker area. I think it actually kinda works for this piece, speaking of which, here it is:


I don’t have much else to say, I’m still tired, I haven’t slept since Tuesday, and it’s starting to hit me hard, so this one will just be a little short. Anyway just as a reminder, please check out my Youtube channel, I’ve got the part one of my Clockwork Rabbit Let’s Draw, and I’ve got the quick draw time lapse video for the same piece. Sorry for the shameless plug, but this is basically the only way to get views when youtube doesn’t deem you important.

Sorry for the begging and plugging…



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