Let’s Draw: Clockwork Rabbit: Part 1

I just uploaded the first of three videos of my process of drawing the Clockwork Rabbit piece showcased here. This video centers around me drawing Nuk, the next will be about drawing the orphan girl, and the third will show the inking and finalizing process of the piece. I will be releasing the time lapse of the whole thing before I finish the second video, that way you guys get to see the whole process without having to hear my ramblings and strange comments while I blunder through drawing this. Anyway, Here is the first of my three part of “Let’s Draw: Clockwork Rabbit“.

Since I cannot show the video on here, the link above will take you to the Youtube site. And now some background behind the process, the info about the art can be found in Clockwork Rabbit.

First, I shot all three parts together, so I made the decision to make it into three parts for a few reasons. First is that the whole video is an hour and 44 minutes long. I could have uploaded the whole thing, but even I don’t listen to myself for over an hour at a time without making a sanity check. Second, I wanted the videos to focus on the parts of the process, and made it into somewhat easily choke-able sized chunks. Plus, this makes it so I can plan out the pieces carefully, making sure I didn’t miss any part I wanted to cut out, places where I just stop talking and think for like a minute or so, and places where I flub up talking.

Either way, the process, while unorthodox and a bit awkward, was fun, and after I finish editing this first series, I’m going to start recording the last piece in this process, digitally editing the picture in GIMP, with another quick draw for that, and more crazy, insane commentary.

Either way, I hope you all liked my video, assuming you watched it, if you  did like it, please like and subscribe to my budding channel, I know every youtuber says that, but I could use all the support I can get, and I really would like to continue to make these art videos for you all, it was so much fun, even if it was just rambling to myself!

Until I make the next video,



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