The Eyecatcher

I had a hard time deciding whether to post this or not. On one hand, I love this piece, there is a lot of deeper meaning to it that I will elaborate on below the picture. On the other hand, however, I didn’t want it to be seen as something that is derogatory to women, or make them just eye candy, I am not the best supporter of fan service in anime, and while a bit is fun (Sakura Trick’s bit when Shizuku is washing, you only see her back and she looks back and says “fan service”, was a funny jab at so many anime that have such scenes riddled all throughout, though some would say Sakura Trick is all one big fan service, but I wholeheartedly disagree, anyway back on topic), going overboard, or introducing fan service every time to garner views is not a sound practice in my book. Many manga and anime I have seen can stand without, story and character wise, and still be great shows, but too much fan service can put one off of a good show.

Alright, enough rant, on to the obligatory background!

This picture is part of one of my ongoing manga works, titled Shinzo No Kinu, which I hope is roughly translated into either “Silk of Heart”, “Heart’s Silk”, or some such, I got the Japanese name (and kanji) from trying to use various translators to get the right wording, if anyone knows anyone who reads Japanese, please tell me if I am wrong. Any who, this piece was going to be the “eyecatcher” two page spread during the prologue of manga, which centers around Hitomi, a recent graduate, who moves into her best friend, Tomoko’s apartment, this is a yuri manga, you can guess where the story, and what drama, goes on from there. I have actually completed the artwork and screentoning of the first chapter but not put in the bubbling or words. If anyone wants I will restart working on it if anyone feels like they might like to read it, I am currently working on the screentoning of the second chapter, the script is all done for it, and the art, but I don’t have a scanner, so I can’t edit them just yet. Anywho! On to what you all clicked to see:

Prologue page 2-3

As I said, there is a reason why I drew this like this, and no, it wasn’t for the sexiness (I can see your eyes rolling, but hear me out!) This was designed like this to express the feelings of falling in love. The background and position of the characters give them a sense of events spiraling out of control. The ribbon is symbolic of the “red thread of fate” that is said ties two people together. And their state of nakedness is representative of the nakedness we all feel when falling in love with someone, the uncertainty and that sense of being, well naked. Convince you? No? Okay then think what you will, but I liked the piece for those reasons, and I hope you do too! For whatever your own reasons.

Anyway, if you liked this, follow my on the tweets @Umedyn, and I’m going to try to make my new video of Nuk today, at least film it. I’ve been a bit iffy about doing it, because I’m going to be using the mic and camera from my laptop, which isn’t good quality, but I hope you all like it just the same when I make it!

Hope to share more art with you in the foreseeable future!



4 thoughts on “The Eyecatcher

  1. “Heart’s Silk” is technically a correct translation. Mind you that “shinzou” refers to the heart as an organ exclusively, though. For meanings connected to feelings and the self, “kokoro” 心 is used instead.

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    1. Thank you for the translation notes, It wasn’t easy trying to wade through the Kanji to find what I wanted… hmm… Kokoro No Kinu… has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


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