Clockwork Rabbit

Anyone remember that rabbit in my “Beginnings” post? the really screwed up rabbit? Well guess what, Nuk (pronounced Nuke, as in nuka-cola) is back! of course this is a screenshot of the video I am going to be uploading to youtube… as soon as I edit it… backstory time! I got this idea when I saw two yuri steampunkers kiss, and seeing as I LOVE steampunk, I decided that Nuk needed to join the steam revolution.


Now, this is just a screenshot, the full piece will be fully colored and all that good jazz, I just thought that you guys might appreciate the pen version before I work on this video, and then roll out on the fully digital colored version. The girl next to Nuk is an orphan girl that I had drawn previously in a really nice picture with him that I no longer have. She has yet to be named. Anyway, I hope you like this preview, and let me know if you are looking forward to my horrible ranting creative process, hint, I start to sound like William Alexander… Rambling and trailing off before remembering where I am, and what I’m doing…

just kidding, and I hope you enjoy!



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