Why Umedyn?

First, some back story:

The name Umedyn, is actually a word I created when I was designing a video game that would be the almost spiritual successor to the old Troika game Arcanum, which is one of my absolute favorite isometric games of all time (GOG has it, and I shamelessly suggest you go and own it!) Arcanum was a steampunk rpg, which was as if Dungeons and Dragons was set in like 1910. It was a wonderful game, great story, fun characters and I still own it (and play it) to this day. When I was sitting around, I wondered “Why hasn’t there been more fantasy steampunk games like that?” now I know what your going to say “Oh Umedyn, steampunk has so many moving parts, it would be taxing on systems blah blah blah,” but I say that that answer was no longer valid.

So I set forth to design a game that would be the blend of Arcanum’s steampunk setting, (In my own world of course, the next piece of art I am going to showcase will be the landmass map for my game) with something similar to say Skyrim’s combat and gameplay. So I started working on it, and let me tell you, this was no weekend project, I was designing it as thought it was an AAA list game, taking the best parts out of every rpg I’ve played, what worked and what didn’t and making lists upon lists upon lists of things, features, some sketches, which will be shown on this site at a later date, maps, how this would work, the business plan to make this work… Let me tell you, I have over 70 pages of notes, from country and race backgrounds, cultural studies from each country and race, stats, weapon, armor, items and creatures lists, To be blunt, this was, and still is, my largest project to date, that has been on hiatus and backlog for a number of reasons.

But, you still haven’t told us why the name Umedyn!

That is simple. In my game, there exists a spirit realm, That realm is called The Ume. The creatures from that realm are called Umedyn the -Dyn being a suffix that roughly means “Of the people”, so essentially Umedyn means “Person of the Spirit Realm”. These are broken up into mainly two types of Umedyn, the Astyr (as-steer), and the Kuri (coo-r-eye), or essentially good spirit beings and bad spirit beings. I chose Umedyn because I see the internet as sort of a realm in and of itself, with us users and people who live outside of it, and yet we affect and control it like avatars and messengers of gods walking the mortal realm, some of us being good spirits, and others being bad. None of us are wholly good or bad, so I chose the best term from my best project. I hope that explanation was good enough, and hopefully, one day, my game will become a reality.

Until then, I stand, an artist of Astyr and Kuri,


Oh, as a side note, that symbol you see in my twitter and profile picture, is the “letter” for -Dyn! #funfact #hashtaggingoutsideoftwitter


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