Another Day, Another Picture!

While I won’t be doing this everyday  (I have to run out of the pictures I’ve drawn that I deem worthy of showing the public) I will release at least one of my artwork a day until that happens. So today’s artwork is a simple sketch I did way back, pretty nice if I do say so myself:


Just a random girl I drew one day out of boredom, using all pencil. I like doing characters, not in poses, but as if a camera had just caught them in the moment. I know some people think posing and how the most badass of looking moves can make a picture great, but I like the subtle style, as if we just took a snapshot of a person at random. I feel there is a certain elegance and charm to such pictures, that resonates in the parts of our brains that seems to have an almost voyeuristic bent to us. The parts of our brains that watches reality television and reaction videos. We all have it, and I am no exception.


As a side note, you can follow me on the tweets at @Umedyn, and hopefully  I’ll be uploading my first Youtube video soon. I believe I will start off by drawing my favorite Bunny character, Nuk (pronounced Nuke, he was the rabbit in my first blog post), giving him color for the first time, using GIMP (freeware Photoshop), so look forward to that in the coming future, when I am able to get it done and uploaded (I am guessing less than a week, if all goes according to plan… which it probably won’t). You can also support me if you like my art on my new Patreon page (Shameless plug) where, the first five patrons of any donation, will have custom made art done by me, and videos made of the process of making your piece that will be uploaded to aforementioned Youtube channel! Until then, I hope to make many more art for and with you all in the foreseeable future!


Until next time!



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