“Major Plates” Everything Burger

Before we get to the picture, let me give you some backstory:

I created this as a project for this start-up kinda take-out food place in town, called “Major Plates” very small group, and I knew the guy who ran it, anyway, He wanted a picture of a burger with literally “Everything” on it, and a boy eating it (full logo not shown, but I might put it up if someone wants me to…) Anywho… This is that burger, all spruced up and GIMPed. (freeware photoshop, just as good as photoshop, look it up)


Now that I think about it, this burger looks really tasty… if not for the chicken bones, still… substitute the leg for a nugget or two… might be some good eatin’… if you didn’t pass out and die from cholesterol twelve seconds later… Still, hope you like it, and if anyone can make the real life version of this, I would love to see a picture!


Until next time,



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