Well since this is the first post of this blog… and my first blog ever, I thought I would share with anyone who stumbles by this place some of the art I have created previously, in the form of a gallery.

These are some of the better pieces I have done in the past… I’m not sure THE best, but I, with my own hubris and aplomb, would say they are good. If you happen upon this blog, comment on what you think of these, I always like constructive criticism, as long as it’s helpful, and not derogatory in any way.

As a side note and disclaimer: While I do not condone the use of drugs (no, I do not consider Marijuana a drug) the bunny does seem to be a bit drugged out… just a bit. I drew it in an act of boredom, but I do not, as I said, condone drug usage.


Stay in school kiddos!



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