A Little More Awake Than Last Night…

After getting a clearer head than last night, (and sleeping all morning), I’m trying to get a handle on all this Social Media thing, which makes me sound incredibly old (of which I am not, but I do feel that way.), and hitting a Drawer’s Block, which sucks, I’d decided to post another one of my art pieces.


Tokyo Girl

This one was done with purely pencil, and is a blend of the Manga style and graffiti styles. Maybe not as intertwined as I should have made them, but I think it’s fun all the same. The character is an original of mine named Tomoko, a long running character from one of my incomplete Manga projects (I have about five or so). Chances are, you’ll be seeing alot of her and Hitomi, one of my other characters from the same Manga project I have been working on.

As a side note, I’ve also started a Patreon, Twitter and Youtube channel, in which I will be showcasing some of my drawings from (No videos as of yet, but I’m planning to work on that very soon). The youtube will feature my drawing process, hopefully from Patrons who request art done, I will show the process on youtube, along with tips, tricks, and advice in the video! So follow me on the tweets, tubes and patreons, and if you are also on the tweets and tubes, I’ll definitely follows you as well!

Until next time!



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